Top 5 ways to earn money online without investment

How to earn money online without investment

Have you ever thought that you can earn without investment? So read our article on how to earn money online without investment, we have told you 5 such ideas in this article from which you can earn online without investment. Which can be a source of income sitting at your home.



5 ways to earn money online without investment

By the way, there are many ways on the internet through which you can earn online. Blogging, youtube, freelancing, content writing, affiliate marketing are many such ways that you can earn from home via the internet. But we have brought a slightly different option for you, from which you can earn without investment.

  1.  Survey sites
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Online Photo Selling
  4. online transcription job
  5. data entry jobs



1) Survey sites

There are many types of online survey sites available on the internet. Who conducts surveys for their clients according to their needs. And people who join websites and give their opinion on the subject issued by survey websites. They get some commission through the survey site.

Like a producer gives the job of surveying his product to a survey website and a survey website conducts a survey through the people associated with his website. And from the money received by the producer, he also gives some commission to those people who give their opinion on that website.



This is how we earn

We do not need to do much in this. Only we have to join after registering the survey site and give our opinion on the topics issued by that website, change of which we get commissioned by the survey website.

To earn well in this, we have to join 10 -12 survey websites and give our opinion on different topics on every website, then surely we can earn well from survey sites.

The names of some survey sites are given below, which you can search on the Internet and join. and can start his earning.

  • Toluna influencers
  • Incomopedia
  • LifePoints
  • Paidviewpoint
  • Thepanelstation
  • Ysense
  • Swagbucks



2) Virtual Assistant

The second best way to earn money online without investment can be a virtual assistant. If you have a computer or laptop, then you can do less of a virtual assistant for a company by sitting at your home, which can also earn you well.



What is a Virtual Assistant called?

For any company, small tasks are done by sitting home at home through virtual assistant through online methods. For which that company pays by the hour or by the target. In which the company completes its less virtual assistant without employing any employer. In which Nkompanya has more benefit and we also get employment sitting at home.



What to do for the Virtual Assistant

There is no need for a degree or any special training for a virtual assistant. Any retired person, or student, or anyone can do it according to their time like a low part-time job.

For this, you first have to connect with such websites which provide the job of a virtual assistant. The names of some such websites have been given below to you, you can apply them by searching on the Internet. After signing up on the website, you have to give your information in which

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email Id
  • Experience
  • Payment option

You have to fill this information in the related website, after which your registration is complete and within a few days, the website gives you information by email or call, in which you have to contact the company's contact number to contact the company. are given. You have to contact the company and take your work. Which is paid to you by the company as soon as it is completed. And another work is also given. In this way, the SAP can earn from his home without investing.



Websites for Virtual Assistant

1) Indian Virtual Assistant

2) BrickworkIndia

3) ASKsunday

4) Web century

5) Acelerar Technology

6) GetFriday

7) Ossisto



3) Online Photo Selling

We can also earn very well from photo selling. But for this, we need to have an interest in photography and also need the appropriate DSLR camera for photography. If we can get very good photos from our creativity, then we can earn a lot of money from this creativity.

Provided that you have to link the photos taken by you to such a website where your photos can be sold at a good price and you can get good money. Today there are many websites on the internet that sell photos at good prices.



Online photo selling

You have to find such websites on the Internet that help you in selling your photos at good prices. Below are the names of some websites for you, which you can search on the Internet. As soon as you open the website, you will have to find an option to sell or sell your content on that site. By clicking on that option, you will be reached on a new dashboard, you will have to register there and upload your photos there.

Whenever a buyer will buy your photo from that site, you will be informed by that site and 60% will be given to you in it. Which can earn you a lot of money.



Online photo selling for website

  •  Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • St Adobe stock
  • Alamy
  • 500px
  • Fotolia



4) Online transcription job

I do not know whether you have ever heard about the transcription job or not, but let me tell you that millions of people worldwide are earning from the transcription job sitting at home and you too can be one of them. You can also earn good online transcription jobs sitting at home. In this article on earning money online without investment, I will give you complete information about online transcription, which can be quite useful for you.



What are online transcription jobs?

Writing an audio or video speech in writing is where transcription goes. It is necessary to have the ability to write and listen. Many times many important things are available in audio or video which is necessary for a company. So that company wants to convert those audio clips or video clips into writing. And the help of a website is taken for such works where many people do the work of transcription.



Join online transcription jobs

If you have a computer or laptop and have an internet facility with a good microphone, you can earn by doing transcription jobs. You have given the names of some websites below for online transcription jobs, you can go to those sites and register and start your transcription jobs.

  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev
  • flex jobs
  • solidGigs
  • Go transcript



5) Data entry jobs

Many companies search online for their data entry works. We can do such small tasks of the company sitting at home. Which can be our part-time earning. If you want to do this part-time work at your home, then you can easily do this work by giving 2-3 hours a day, which can earn you a lot of money.



Captcha entry

If you search on the internet, you get less than many captchas to solve, in which we are sent many captchas by the website, which we have to solve and the website pays us when our task is completed.



Copy and Paste

In copy and paste, we have to copy a file from one place and paste it at another place. For which we do not require any educational qualification. If we search the copy paste work on the internet, then surely we will see many less, by which we can earn our money.



Captioning jobs

If we have the ability to give a good title or caption to an image or news, then the captioning job is right for us and we can earn a lot of money from it as well. Captioning jobs are also found if you search on the internet, which can be a means of online earning for you.

In this way, you can earn from the data entry job without any investment.


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