Top 5 tech. and experiment trending youTube channels from Rajasthan.

Today, youTube has become a very big and best platform for creators. There are many creators on YouTube that have their own youTube channel. 


There are many YouTubers from RAJASTHAN

Some trending youTube channels are given below ;



1 Technical Guruji

Technical guruji channal subscribers


This channel has 20.6 million+ subscribers and 3.5K+ videos ( till Jan 2021). this channel is technology and review related. This channel's rank is top 5 in India. 

This channel's owner is Gaurav Chaudhary. He gives new and interesting tech—knowledge on his channel about mobile, computer, blogging, youTube, etc.


He was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He completed his education at the institute of Pilani, Dubai.


He knows about nanoscience and tech blogging. He joined youTube on 19-October-2015. 


Gaurav Chaudhary has another channel.


#Gaurav Chaudhary 

Gourav Chaudhary youtube channel subscribers


This channel has 4.58 million+ subscribers and 135+ videos. They share interesting videos on this channel. 

Gaurav Chaudhary got many rewards from YouTube. 









2 Mr. Indian hacker


Mr. Indian hacker channal subscribers

This channel has 11.1 million+ subscribers, 1808 million+ views, 549+ videos ( till Jan 2021). This channel is related to science and experiment. This channel has ranked in the top 20 youTube channel in India.


This channel's owner is Dilraj Singh Rawat. He was born on 8 - January -1996 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He did not study much. 


He created a channel on 21-Jun-2012. He discribe that all subscriber's family are called the "titanium army."

Mr. Indian hacker got many rewards also.









3 Crazy XYZ

Crazy xyz channal subscribers


This channel has 7.83 million+ subscribers, 1575 million+ views, and 651+ videos ( till Jan 2021). This channel is science experiments, life hacks, amazing modification related. This channel is in the top 35 channels in India.


This channel's owner is Amit Sharma. He was born on 11- September -2000 in Alwar, Rajasthan. He did Engineering study in Kota. He did IIT for 2 years there. He gave the examination of IIT-JEE also.


Amit got a Engineering degree in 2018 by living in IIT Roorkee for 4 years.

He did many experiments in his college life. he thought about show experiments to the public. He created a YouTube channel on 10 Sep 2017 and afterwards got a big success on YouTube.




4 Experiment King 

Experiment king youTube channel subscribers


This channel has 3.76 million+ subscribers, 490 million+ views, and 700+ videos ( till Jan 2021). this channel has experiment related content. This is India's 4th biggest experiment youTube channel. 


Its owners are 4 persons; Yuvraj Vaishnav, Vishal Pareek, Mahipal Singh Rathore, Dinesh Vaishnav.

They all belong to Nagor, Rajasthan, and they are friends. 


First of all, Yuvraj Vaishnav created a youTube channel in 2016, and it was terminated with 17k subscribers. Afterwards, in 2017, he created two channels on YouTube.

1 experiment king 

2 allrounder experiment


Then he got success on youTube. His other friends joined him and did experiments with them.








5 Technical Yogi


Technical yogi channal's subscribers


This channel has 1.8 million+ subscribers, 95.3 million+ views, and 1.3k+ videos ( till Jan 2021). This channel has technical tips and tricks related to content. 

It's the owner is Yogendra Saini ( yogi ). He is born on 4 September 1985 in Alwar Rajasthan. 

He created his YouTube channel on 22 Dec 2016. After some time, his video was got viral and got success on YouTube.

Now he has four channels on YouTube;


  • Technical yogi

  • Yogi artist 

  • Creator guide

  • Bariki se samjhe



These are some top trending youTube channels in Rajasthan.


We should proud of Rajasthan.

Thanks all of you

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