Top 5 sports were the World Championships

1.Norman "Kaiser" MAD Lions


The letter, backed by G2 Sports Palace "Mex" Palace and Phenatak-backed Zadraits "Helsing" Olivia Galabov, is about securing the All-Pro Pro title the 2020 League of Legends European Championship Summer Split. However, Caesar's admiration was particularly low, especially in Wukong's skill when Mattie joined "Karzai" and Sage's Sena.LEC peaks have occurred globally, with MED Lines in the playoffs to qualify for the main event. The standard approach to competing with the MDA must be well-received, but if a team wants to advance beyond the group stage, it can be supported.

2.Joe "Courage" Young-in-Team Liquid

Karaj Jay won his second valuable Player of the Year award this season in two seasons and was instrumental in Team Levi's return to the top of the standings in the Legends Championship Summer Split 2020 League. Courage J. Edwards


 "Tactical" was a joint work in the roster instead of the quailing "double lift" Peng, which included TSM between the split, and did not include domestic competition.

3.Cho "braille" go-hi - claims gaming

Following Demon Gaming's League of Legends Champions in Korea, Barry L. Rio is getting "hot" with time splitting in support positions. However, Dubai has risen to the top of South Korea this summer.


4.Ho "Swordart" Show-Chee-Suning

From the situation of League Master Tyne Dinosaur Flash Wolf Stock Support to Strict Art, who has qualified for the World Champion Night for four consecutive years during 2015-2018? After joining Sonning in China in early 2019, hard art is back on the world stage after almost two days.


The only member of the Swedish Art Sung who is already playing sports on the World's Stage, and while the third-seeded team in the League of Legends Pro League does not need a blow, There are big factors. Certificate. The hard part of Group A's favorite G2 sports has a long history, so it will be sought globally if it's expected to be serious.

5.Zhou "Lumao" Ming-ho - Jed Gaming

Livio has not survived the hype or not. The group stage premiere is between Dam One Gaming and JD Gaming in BB. It will feature an interesting lane match with LV Mouse fighting Barry L. Corruption in Group B may be over, but LvMao wants to compete with this Oscar "Wonder" Bogdan.


With the LPL Summer Finals of 2020 losing to Coop Starports, the JD Gaming Coat is still considered the world's favorite choice, and LvMao is one of the main reasons for this impression. JD Gaming Experienced Support has been a member of the roster for over three seasons, and now you have the chance to succeed in the world.

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