Top 5 remedies and symptoms of heart attack

Heart Attack 

   When blood decreases in our heart, the muscles seem to be the heart, the muscles seen to be shocked. in such Away, the risk of heart attack increases. The lack of blood in the heart blocks the heart muscles from the colonettes. Due to which muscles do not work and there is a pain in the chest of the person .and the same situation is called a heart attack


     The continuity of blood rich and nutrient blood is essential for the good health of the heart attack is such a situation when suddenly there is an obstruction in the artery.  And the flow of blood in the heart of the heart is restricted .the decline is mainly due to the plaque in coronary Arteries. A heart attack occurs when a blood clot is completely restricted and it can be fatal.


   This day most people are getting a deadly heart attack. heart attack is a problem .due to which people have had to wash hand with life.


    According to research, it has been found that 15 % of people in India are due to death only heart attack. the biggest problem is that people do not even know the symptoms of the heart, due to which they die.


       A heart attack is a medical emergency that is necessary to pay attention to immediately. why can in make a person unconscious and even take life too?


    Due to a heart attack


   It is commonly said that a heart attack comes due to the shortage of blood flow and lack of blood, but there are many reasons for a heart attack.


      Heart blockage 

         Heart blockage occurs in different stages.

1• there are special signs in the first or early stage.

2• in the second stage, the heartbeat gets a little less than normal

3• in the third stage, the heart starts to beat beats. There may also be a heart attack in the second and third stage  .so it needs treatment instantly another symptom of heart blocked.


    Heart blocked problem is a disease related to heart blockage, a man's beating stops working smoothly. During this time the beating stop .some people stat the problem of heart blockage with birth, whereas some people grow up, this problem develops .heart blockage problem can be done at any age in old age, but in the midst, it means more to see more after 30 years.


The symptom is a heart attack


1• Being a breach repeatedly.

2• Dizziness or unconscious.

3• Being a chest pain.

4• small breath.

5• feline fatigue on work.

6• Being more fatigue.

7• hand, nack dude, pain in peat.

8 • cold sweat.

 This is mainly the reason 


    There is also a risk of heart attack for genetic reasons. if anyone in your family has first occurred in the death of a heart attack, then you may also be able to easily.



   Due to weight loss, they may also be a heart attack, because the person in which the weight is high, there may be a problem with a heart attack.

Mental tension 

    The biggest reason for mental stress heart attack is that people who are more reflecting or passing through stress, have to face a risk like heart attack .apart from this, the inactivity and diabetes of diabetes can also be a heart attack.

  Remedies for heart blockage 

  1• Arjun tree bark for heart blockage 

       Arjun tree benefits, Arjun tree in the treatment of heart, such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, arteries in the treatment of blockage and coronary artery keeps the cholesterol level regular and strengthens the heart

     This drug is used to reduce useless cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. According to Ayurveda, it can be used in heart blockage .there are cultural oxidizing elements in its bark.

2• Treatment of heart blockage problem with cinnamon 

      This is a great drug that works in heart reduces useless cholesterol and strengthens the heart .there are also oxidizing elements .with regular use of breathlessness in removed and heat diseases are low.

 3• Treatment of heart blockage problem red chilli 

   If you see anyone come to a heart attack then give a spoonful of red chilli in a glass of water and give the patient .the patients condition will be improved within minutes .the effect of this solution is only in a state in which the patient must be conscious.

4•use of lemon heart blockage 

   Lemon is a power full antioxidant rich in vitamin c which helps improve blood pressure and reduce the inflammation of the arteries .in addition, lemon blood cleans the arteries by reducing the level of cholesterol and stop the loss of oxides in blood flow.

For this, you get a little honey, black pepper powder and lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water .take a few weeks in a day or twice 

5• heart blockage treatment gourmet 

   Blood acidity is advised to eat alkaloid items to treat Ayurveda treatment of heart attack .by By eating it decreases acidity in the blood and the blockage opens .in such situ situation the vegetable and gourd juice is beneficial which reduces the acidity of the blood.

    Tulsi leaves can be drunk in the gourd juice .tulsi leaves have alkaline properties. .apart from this, the peppermint also gets benefits from drinking .to change its taste you can get rick salt will not be any harm.


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