Top 5 Principles of Getting Rich How to become rich, what should we keep in mind to become rich

Who dose not want to rich? We all want to be rich, but to become rich, we have to look at some rules and follow it because all the rich people are those people who follow these steps, then let us tell you who is this.Rules that can make you a rich man. 

1-Focus on money more money 

Friends, you know that you will know that saving money is the first step. This saving money is the first step. This first journey of financial freedom starts from here. Some people do this by saving money, but saving friends money should not be your goal because money cannot be increased by saving money, I do not say that you do not save money, you are saving money, but you should put some money from it in such way that some money Will be generated from that money which you have invested so that your more money will be added to the Money, you should put such money in mutual fund or stock market or somewhere where I can increase your money.



2-Do not chass money attract money

The more you become valuable, the more people give you money because you can solve their problem. Hello, you can also ask for money. As you know, there are many people who have millions of hours to speak from few hours. They take money because it is because they have knowledge of those things. These people are entitled to that thing. There is a  difference in those people who work only for money and those people who work only for money and those other people are like that in years or some days, they always learn something and keep building their knowledge, these people get so far ahead of the rest that they don't run after money, but money goes after them because friends do not get that in life. Is what you want, rather you get what you are meant for, you can earn as much money as you are angry.

3- The more you learn the money you 

Friends, because of the internet, you are viewing this post or you are getting information, many people get this information by reading the expensive book but any information comes only when you apply it because the more you learn the more you know, then the more money-related books or you learn from someone, then your information will increase, so you should always read books related to money and money if you follow these things, then you are rich. Men can become whatever you have, whether it is less money or more money, but you don't spend it extravagantly place where that money is needed and net in a place where there is no need for it. Be and don't waste your money to show others.



4- Start as soon as you can 

Nowadays people are wasting their time. They are wasting their time more and more by watching videos on internet and playing games and on social media, so friends you should not waste your time like others. Whatever time you have he will take you to the dream of financial freedom, for this you will have to follow your dreams and your goal, for today you will have to work hard day and night, you will run your mind as much as your brain will work and you will get more knowledge. There will be some people who do not want to spend their mind, such people are like donkeys, but you do not become a donkeys, spend your time in the right place because the time that is passed then you don't get back whatever is going on in your mind if you are in business or in any financial work, then follow it today. 



5-Track your money 

It does not matter whether you are a student or you work or are a businessman. One rule you must always follow is that it is very important to keep track of your money, where you have invested where you have thought whether you needed that thing or not and how much you have invested money on all these things you should have a diary for which you will have to make a diary on which you have to spend your money you will have to write so that you will always know where you have invested your money and what things you have invested in it you will always know that you can advance your are become a rich 


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