Top 5 partnerships in One day internationals

One day cricket is very exciting cricket. lots of things are happening in this game. so many big shots. so many wickets. as there is a need of making some quick runs. every batsman tries to hit big shots. so there is a big chance that he will lose his wicket. but sometimes there is a little bit of favour of luck that batsmen get and they make big runs. sometimes both batsmen get the favour of luck and both make a good partnership. in this article we see these top highest runs partnerships in One-day internationals.



1.Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels (WI) - 372 Runs

The match was played on 24 Feb 2015. at Canberra. Gayle and Samuels both batsmen are in form. and as usual bowling attack of Zimbabwe is very weak. Gayle and Samuels take full advantage of Zimbabwe bowlers and hit them all over the park. at the end of the inning, they made 372 runs partnership. this was the highest partnership in One-day international cricket history. and there are very few chances that this record will break by any pair. Gayle (215) hit his first ever double ton in this match. so undoubtedly this partnership stands in 1st position. and might be for a long time in future

Gayle and Samuels



2.John Campbell and Shai D Hope (WI)- 365 Runs

again the second position of highest runs partnership was in name of West indies batmans. that day was 5 May 2019. the match was played in Dublin. as usual West Indian batsman in good form and J D Chappel and Shai hope made history. they make 365 runs together. and stands this record in the second position. if they get a little bit of favour of luck they might beat the record of Gayle and Samuels. this partnership stands on 2nd position of highest runs partnership

Higest partnership



3. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid (IND) - 331 Runs

there was a time when master blaster in the tremendous form of his carrier. and his partner in this record was Rahul Dravid. and everybody knows how he sticks to pitch. that day was 8 November 1999. played in Hyderabad. that time making 300 runs by a team is a huge achievement. At that time these 300 runs partnership held between Rahul and Sachin. this record took 16 years to break. in 2015 Samuels and Gayle break this record. this partnership stans on 3rd place of highest runs partnership

Sachin and Rahul



4. Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid (IND) - 318 Runs

26 May 1999. world cup series going on. in the match against Srilanka Saurav Ganguly shows his power to Srilankan bowlers. there was no easy task for him. the bowling attack of Srilanka was very strong. Chaminda Vaas, Murlidharn, Sanath Jaisurya all are experienced bowlers. but Saurav created history. and again there is Rahul David who gives good support to him. this partnership stands in 4th place of highest runs partnerships

Ganguly and Dravid



5 Imaam-ul-haq and Fakhar zaman (PAK) 304 Runs

the day was played on 20 July 2018. between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. both batsman Imaam-ul-Haq and Fakhar Zaman in form. hit Zimbabwe's inexperienced bowlers all over the ground and made 304 runs partnership in this match. this partnership stands on 5 positions of highest partnership record.

Imam and Fakhar


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