Top 5 inventions that changed the world

There are many inventions in the past that changed our world completely. Some of those inventions were known but some remained unknown. Some inventions are still a mystery while some now become an important part in our life.
    So here are some of the know and unknown inventions that change human life completely.

 1.Light Bulb   Invented by Thomas  Edison

   Light bulb which really has a great impact on humans. Light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison who failed 1,000 times while inventing light bulb. He invented his first successful light bulb in January 1879 in his 1,001. From that time the word  "dark night " was changed to "illuminating night ". This invention completely changed how the lifestyle of human being.

 2.  A.C Current  Invented by Nikola Tesla

           A.C (Alternating current ) is a form of electricity that we use today to operate almost all the electronic gadgets was invented by by Nikola Tesla. Invention of electricity has drastically changed the life of human beings. Today without electricity we cannot even think a single minute. Every gadgets present on the earth are almost operated using electricity.
  Nikola Tesla is believed as a mysterious scientist because of his inventions. Tesla invented gadgets that was far more ahead of his time. 

3. Telephone  Invented by Alexander Graham Bell

      I think we people cannot think our life complete with a phone. Phones have become very important in our life. The whole world resides inside a single phone. This great invention was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876. First call made in human history was on March 10 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson. It would not be wrong to say that only because of Alexander Graham Bell we can now talk to anyone from any corner of the earth.

4. Car  Invented by Carl Benz

        Car an important as well as luxurious thing which was invented in 1886. Carl Benz was a German inventor who invented worlds first car. Car has become an important mode of transportation in 21th century. According  to a survey there are 1.4 billion cars present in the world. His invention has become bread and butter for millions of people through out the world.

5.  Airplane   Invented by Wright Brothers

               Human beings always had a dream to fly in air like birds and this became possible only because of the great inventor Wilbur and Orville Wright. History was created on December 17 in the year 1903 when both of them flied their first flight from North Carolina.
      The flight only lasted 12 seconds but this 12 seconds brought a drastic change in humanity .
After this many test were conducted and now we can travel from one place to another place without any hesitation.
      These inventions has completely changed human life. Thses inventions not just made our life easy but also very productive. We can talk to anyone from any croner of the earth. We can travel to any corner within few hours. These inventions have mae our life easy.

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