Top most essay 5 habits to loss weight

1.Drinking water

drinking water has a fundamental habit to lose weight. Because our body made up 70% of water. So water plays a very essential role in our life to lose weight we know that our body needs about 9 to 10-liter water in a day. Because all the physical and mental activity water as a basic necessity or requirement through the water.

after that, if  we drink water about in a day 9 to 10 liter than our stomach get fulfill feel than we do not take heavy food, so it plays a vital role in loss weight 


2. Regular running 

running is the most important to lose weight because it's  increase our metabolic rate

that's why inner body reaction gets active and contains the height of energy, so the energy provides the innermost higher fat amount.

After that body regulates the fat and burns it then a day by day loses weight.

In a long day body requires about 2200 to 2400 calory in a day So if we consume only 1800 calory in a day then per day  4 hundred reduce after that if we try 1 week automatically 2 to 3 kg weight burn 

running is the second most important activity to reduce our wight 


3. breathing system 

first of all, get up early in the morning then complete our daily work in the morning 

some clothes put on the floor and  set up after that band our lag  like a yoga posture and take our hand on the nose. 👃 and with the help, your finger close on chanal nosed push and take alone breath after that release air another hole or again take long breathing than 

inner body temperature increase so body get warmed with the help of long breathing system than temperature reduce the loss weight about 7 days keep it 10 to 15 min in every morning your weight 5 to 6 decrease 


4 . Avoids junk food 

our daily life starts from the junk food on breakfast and other fast if we maintain our daily diet than weight automatically reduce 

In one Berger set about 300 to 400 calories that very bed impact in our healthy life and

after we take up another extra food and the calory again in a long day about 2800 approx  and this expect on our body than the stored calories change into 1200 calory =1kg

in a whole day required only 2200 calory after increase calory also increase weight 

so  avoids junk food and reduce our weight and make a physical feet person 


5. Eat slow 

it is also essential role play to reduce weight.

In which role play brain to signal when we take food fast the brain signal do not understand what actually happens in stomach and unnecessary food take it and if we take food slowly then brain signal has more active and push the action to take more food.

after that, it is also played to lose weight physical excursion that fastly weight decrease  and health maintain

do try all the activities in our home without zymurgy and reduce belly fat  and make to maintain body mass index 


Thank you friends 



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JOHN WESLEY BAHADUR - Apr 17, 2021, 1:20 PM - Add Reply

good suggestion, i like it

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dipesh - Apr 17, 2021, 9:15 PM - Add Reply

thanks john

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dipesh - Apr 17, 2021, 8:45 PM - Add Reply

thank u

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