Top 5 Free & Best Android Apps for YouTubers (2021)

The 5 Best Android Apps for YouTube:

The apps listed below are useful for the various purposes of your content creation process, so I recommend that you install all of these YouTube content production apps.


1. YouTube Creative Studio

Working on YouTube? then how can you skip this at the beginning of all applications? yes, this is the most important application on this list. This app is the official Android app for YouTubers (YouTube creators). This app will give you full control of your YouTube channel from your smartphone instantly, without turning on your Laptop anywhere, anytime you want. YouTube Creative Studio Features: You can monitor the channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics. Quickly reply to comments and filter them out. You can update video details such as thumbnails, playlists, monetization settings, etc.



With over 60,000+ templates, Canva is the most popular name in the graphic design industry. Canva helps you create beautiful, high-quality banners, posters, icons, Facebook covers, and other designs. It's also available on Smartphones and PCs, so you can create, edit, and share your activities anywhere on any device you want with eye-catching designs. It's very easy to design any graphics-related content with Canva on the go. Its built-in templates create these functions easily and surprisingly with high-quality output. However there are also premium designs available for purchase, but I would recommend that you use them free, it's really amazing. Canva Features: 1 million+ stock photos and options. With its simple and easy photo editor, you can just edit like a pro. Quickly share your work with all your social media accounts or download your custom design on any device. (available for both smartphone and PC).


3. KineMaster

Once you have recorded your video with your camera or Smartphone, you need to edit it before uploading it to your channel, your videos must be at the right level to stand out. In such cases Kinemaster will create charm, it will help you to cut, cut, insert, edit, delete various clips, music tracks, photos, and other animation effects as you want to create your style. KineMaster is one of the professional video editors of Smartphones, YouTubers who like to edit their videos with smartphones will definitely love this app, there are both free and paid versions available for this app, If you have a small investment budget, I would suggest you go with the pro-type, otherwise, you can do all your work freely and in a free version. The free version will allow you to post your videos with a watermark in the top right corner, which will look a bit awkward. KineMaster Features: Multiple videos, audio, photo, stickers, text, effects, and overlay layers. Direct cutting of frames. Control light, hue & saturation. Blur, mosaic, and other effects. Real-time video recording Supports chroma key. Many animation styles and transformation effects.


4. DU Screen Recorder

If any of your video content requires some form of video screenshot or video from your phone screen, then you will need to have Android screen recording software to work effectively. To the best of my knowledge, the DU screen recorder is the best way you can go blind. DU Screen Recorder Features: It records high-quality 1080p videos instantly. No need to unplug your phone, unlimited recording. Pause and restart support. Live streaming support: you can stream your phone screen live to sites like Facebook or YouTube. The floating recording button helps you manage your recording controls. You can also hide the floating notification bar for empty recording.


5. Lexis Audio Editor

Sometimes while shooting a video, we get some unwanted sounds after our sound play, get the clear and bright sound we work hard with a very high mic or sound recorder but there are a few features that are unavoidable (e.g. car noise, blast, etc.). Lexis audio editor is there to help us with those situations, we just need to import/open the audio file, make some changes such as a cut, record or filter any sound and save it directly to the storage you want with just a few clicks. Features of Lexis Audio Editor: Cut, copy, and paste any audio file. Normal reduction and noise reduction. Change the tempo, speed, and pitch. The audio player and recorder are both available to listen to edited clips.

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