Top 5 facts about “Grand Theft Auto V” Probably you don’t know

 Here we are going to discuss top 5 facts of GTA 5. Nowadays it is news that till May 21 you can download your favorite game Grand Theft Auto V. Anyway, Epic Game Store has been giving mostly free to the user on the lines of 'Mystery Game'. Now you can download this game at no charge. So many streamers are playing GTA 5 so this game is back on trend again. The main reason for this is probably the 'dole play'

                             If you have played Grand Theft Auto V or are thinking of playing now, then today I will tell you about 5 such facts about this game which is very interesting. Now if you are playing Grand Theft Auto V or are thinking of playing, your journey will make your game even more interesting.


Fact NO 1---------------------------------

There is one end of GTA 5 that no one knows about. If you have played GTA 5 completely, then you would know that in the end 'Franklin' had 3 options, either kill 'Trevor' or kill 'Michael', do not survive anyone in the last. Save. But when the game was made in actual, if you chose the last option, 'Franklin' would die in it and his friend ‘Lampard’ would replace him.

Fact No 2---------------------------------

GTA 5 depicts an alien that is buried in snow. When Michael, Brad, and Trevor were all running in the mission, Robbery from the bank. If you put your car down the railway bridge and down the car Looking down, you will see an alien frozen in ice. But don't wait too long, my mission will fail.

Fact NO 3.-------------------------------

This game is the most expansive game ever. How much would you think? The total cost of making the game and marketing it was $ 265 million. And the amazing thing is that GTA 5 earned $ 1 billion dollars in the first 3 days.

Fact NO 4.-------------------------------

If you play the game as Franklin, you will find that there were many missions in the game of gangs in which Franklin and Lampard are working for some gangs. So the voice of the gang member in it was taken from the real gangster. Yes, it was a real voice.

Fact NO 5.------------------------

GTF 5 also has an underwater UFO that will be found under the sea. It may be that the underwater UFO is influenced by the real-life incident and its name is "BALTIC SEA ANOMALY". In June 2011, there is a group called Squrobe divers– OCEAN EGGS. He found a very strange object 100 meters inside the Baltic sea, which could not be confirmed as a crashed UFO


So there were some things related to "Grand Theft Auto 5" which makes this game very realistic and interesting. There was also a lot of controversy over this game. Now you will be able to enjoy this game for free, according to the news, it is available free till May 21 - hurry up and enjoy the game. I will keep bringing you such excellent posts even further. Thank you very much.

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