Top 4 Mistakes People make when trying to Earn Money Online

Here are the 4 mistakes.

1) Hoping that a part-time mentality can yield Full-time result

After being exposed to tons of ‘get rich quick’ schemes on the net, many people think that earning money online is easy money and they are made to think that by spending a small amount of time and effort, they can achieve the phenomenal results of real internet marketing gurus such as Alvin Pang, or Mike Filasome who are earning thousands of passive income a month.

Unknown to many, these internet marketing gurus can achieve the results that they achieve today, not because they are holding some great ‘Internet Marketing Secret’ or because they have hopped onto the internet at the ‘correct timing’. The reason why these people are successful is that they have put in lots of sacrifice and long hours of hard work into building their internet business.

Earning money online is the same as earning money anywhere else. To be rich and successful, you have to be willing to put in the sweat and tears at the initial part, so that you would be able to enjoy the sweet benefits at the end of the day. If you think that you can earn lots of money online by putting in a little effort, you would be in for a rude awakening. Many people regret it after they spend all their money on ‘Get Rich Quick’ programs, only to find out that they have achieved nothing at the end of the day.

2) Merely a Chess piece, Not a Chess Player

Earning money online relies a lot on the initiative and making decisions based on your judgment. Remember, if you would like to build a successful online business that generates your passive income, you have to plan for your success and not rely on others. You have to take the initiative to find out what works and what don’t, and not just follow the masses and do whatever they do.

Many people who are trying to earn money online, are like chess pieces that are easily manipulated. Whenever they read a guru’s blog that asks them to purchase certain ‘must-have’ product, they would blindly purchase the product, without thinking whether it would benefit them. This is how the gurus become rich!

If you would like to become as rich as the internet marketing gurus, you would have to start taking charge of your own internet business! Do not blindly throw your hard-earned money to purchase over-hyped e-books or highly promising ‘Get Quick Rich’ programs. Instead, do a detailed review of the product you are going to buy, and find out its pros and cons before taking the plunge and buying the product.

Many a time, people complain that they are spending much more as to what they are earning online. The reason is that they are easily influenced by their emotions and tend to spend more then what they are earning.


3) Blinded by short term goals, forgetting/not having long term goals

There is no shortcut to earning money online.

Anybody who wants to build a huge, sustainable, and profitable online business would have to go through the ups and downs of building their online business and continuing to push forward even if they are faced with obstacles.

Many overly-ambitious people start their online business with short-term goals of earning a residual income of $2000 after 3 months. When these people fail to achieve their goals, they would get demoralized and would quit trying because they would start to feel that it is impossible to earn money online.

Earning money online is like running a marathon, you have got to pace yourself and go at a constant pace to prevent burning yourself out before you reach the finishing line.

That means that you have to aim for a HUGE long term goal (such as building 5 successful websites that earns you $10,000 residual income monthly in 2 years) while having many short term goals (setting up 1 website in your first 6 months) to motivate yourself and tell yourself that you are on the right track.


4) I only want to try and NOT DO!

Most people who want to earn money online have the mindset that they are just trying it out and it would be alright if they fail. If you have a mindset just set on just trying out, you would not give your 100% into building your online business as you are not determined to make it work. Instead, you would find excuses when you are faced with a problem instead of finding a solution to solve the problem.

It is better to give 100% of your effort for 6months, then to give 20% of your effort for 5years. Do not just try, you have set your mind to it! Set a time frame for yourself, and put your 100% into your online business. Even if you fail to succeed in earning money online after this time frame, you know that you have done your best and you have nothing to regret.

After this, you can then evaluate the reasons why you fail, and change the bad parts while keeping the good parts. By constantly giving your 100% and tweaking your methods, you would eventually start earning money online.

There you have it, the 4 biggest mistakes that people make when they are trying to earn money online. Remember, in order to become truly successful in earning money online, you would have to be willing to put in lots of hard work and patience before you start seeing positive results.



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