Top 4 Google Adsense Alternatives

Suppose you have a Google AdSense account, and it stops due to some reason, then from which option you will receive money? This question is for everyone who has started a blogging business. Well, there is nothing to worry about, the article I have brought today is the answer to such questions for you. Today in this article, we will make you aware of those Adsense options that work in the same way as Google Adsense and pay the same amount of money.
Better Adsense Options Like Google Adsense:
1. Viglink
This Adsense option is perfect for earning money from your blog, and it is one of the best ways to make money through advertisements. It works very differently from other programs for monetizing your blog, and this is how VigLink converts the regular outgoing links displayed on your blog into affiliate links. If a user visits your blog and makes a purchase, you receive a referral commission from it.
In this option, you will get up to 75 percent commission, and Viglink assumes a 25 percent commission. It is not bad for you to think that we first make money from non-monetary links. After that, it sends your payment to your account through PayPal.
2. BidVertiser
This AdSense option pays your blog and website through CPC ads. By joining this option, you can make a custom browser toolbar on your website and place it on your blog and earn money from the results of your search.
This option allows you to use custom browser toolbars as well as use custom banners to earn money. If you put its custom banners on your site, then it does not add any problem to you because its ad templates get optimized for any website.
After trying this option, if the payment amount in your AdSense account is more than $ 10, BidVertiser will pay you monthly through PayPal within 30 days of the end of each month. Google Adsense Alternatives for Indians in Hindi
3. Chitika
If traffic to your website is low, then Chitika will be the right choice for you as a simple and best Google Adsense option. You can start earning money from this immediately after registering an account with Chitika. This network uses real-time bidding to get you the right mix of the best ads without any type of advertising. 
This option also supports the types of mobile, slider, text, and banner ads to allow blogs to earn money. Apart from this, all these types of advertisements work well on any device. When the minimum payment amount gets made in your account, Chitika pays you the money at the end of every month by wire transfer.
4. BuySellAds
Getting your direct advertising platform permission on the BuySellAds option may be a bit difficult for you, but it is an excellent option for your blog's AdSense. If you want to get permission to place ads on it, then your primary qualification is to have a high-quality English-language site with 100k page views on your website.
This AdSense option offers a wide variety of advertisements for all types of blogs, such as background takeovers, text images, and text ads, etc. Besides, its ad slots are compatible with AdSense ad slots, allowing you to use both. If any visitor buys an item from the BuySellAds advertisement, you will get a 75% commission. Google Adsense Alternatives For Indians In Hindi
It makes payments through PayPal with $ 20 as the lowest limit, or via check with a $ 50 lower limit. You can also opt for the $ 500 threshold wire transfer feature in your account, but it costs $ 35 per shipment.

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