Top 11 secrets to memorize things quicker

How to Memorize More and Faster Than Other People?

Eleven secrets to memorizing things faster than others Have you ever seen an infinite movie. I don't forget if you probably remember the main character who got a special pill that allowed him to remember all the information and use it whenever he needed If this was true we learn things in our whole life but we don't know all because we forget a lot of details why this happens we remember the best things on the bright side that will tell you some simple memorization tips and universal formula that will download any information in your memory when you need it first.



How can you memorize something fast without forgetting it?

Why we forget things your brain is like a hard drive space is limited remember sherlock holmes could not name all the planets solar system this was not because he missed school or something like that but because he was very smart, to have such information is not important in his memory he deliberately deleted facts that would never need this what your brain does to protect you from overloading data which is why all new data is stored in temporary memory not long so if you do not repeat or use it that just one hour after learning something new we forget more than half of the information what it was just one day we remember only about 30% you can see what's going on so how can you remember everything there is a memorization method called Separate memorization.

Keeping certain details in your head the longer you need to try to incorporate them into your long-term memory in the head. Forcibly does not work very well because your brain can not make sense of it fast and build strong organizations. Here it all depends on why you learn something, memorize something. The first situation is where you need the information to use it immediately and forget about most of it.

This looks like preparing for a standard exam, if you were in a one-night state preparing for an exam, get this article the same memorization to repeat information immediately after reading. The second review should be after 15 to 20 minutes. You do not need to go back to the information between just repeating, relaxing, and doing something different.

let your brain relax, repeat the text three after six to eight hours, and should have the last recurrence within 24 hours. After the initial contact with the information try this method the next time you need to remember something immediately.

Now, how to memorize an object for a long time. If you want to remember things for a long time you need to extend the memorization time with this memorization program the first repetition should be after reading as in the previous method.

Repeat the text after 20-30 minutes and here things are different. The third repetition should be after one day, the next two to three weeks and the last round is after two to three months. This way you can learn something for a very long time because the brain thinks that when you come back to knowledge it is necessary.



Here are eleven simple tips that will help you memorize things easier and they are quick to count from

1. Number Eleven

Try to understand what you are reading. Maybe you know the feeling when you read something but you don't understand the details. Often such reading turns into a dream because it looks like reading a non-arai poem. Another bad thing about reading something you don't understand is that you can't go on if you forget part of it. that's why we don't encourage you to do it this way. All you have to do is read the whole piece of information and find out what the main point or points are to try to retell what you have read using your own words.



2. Number Ten

Read the most needed information if you feel like you have a lot on your plate, set your priorities, accurately decide what you should know and what you can do without good, then focus on the key parts of what you need to memorize when you have time to dedicate to less important information.



3. Number Nine

Serial position effect, not this when you put your cheerios to the right by learning something new remember these things from the beginning and end memorized good use of this, it is useful to filter the details so that the important parts are at the beginning.



4. Number Eight

Distractions change your focus from one topic to another from another to another. For example, preparing a public talk and reading the text for 15 minutes is a time to rest every 15 to 20 minutes because this is the time when attention is best and when people often stop paying attention then the best thing you can do is switch to something completely different like playing the guitar or watching a good video. Another thing to be aware of is learning the same knowledge's distractions. Theory suggests that the same memories mix and become a waste that's why if you know you are about to learn something new.



5. Number Seven

Reading the opposite of contradictions is memorized easily in pairs. For example, if you learn a new language by heart day and night together this way.



6. Number six

Build your mental palace and this is about Sherlock Holmes and you remember how he could go to his psychiatrist for hours searching for the necessary information. He could ask me if I found in my psyche the idea of ​​associating things with someone. For example, if you are in your room try to connect something you read repeat a few times afterward. Remember what the room looks like in your memory and repeat the things you read this way or try this and break down all the essentials you need to memorize into a few parts read these parts in different parts of your apartment or better in different parts of your city it will not be obscure or boring it will go hand in hand with other memories smelling of places people have seen there and so on.



7. Number Five

Use the names of the nails. This process aims to encrypt one thing you have learned in another. For example, if you need to remember in French the anchor should also look at the wall hammer, and in other words, you can logically connect to the anchor.



8. Number Four

Story building, If you need to memorize more information in some way try to put the pieces in the story. The pieces must be the connected type of the plot. So if you accidentally forget something you can always remember what should have happened next in the story. Yes, this may seem like a lot of effort but true belief works miracles.



9. Number Three

Uses record tape actually is there anyone using a tape recorder and recording the information in some way you read and listen to the recording a few times. Yes, it may take you a while to get used to the sound of your voice. As it should seem strange or unpleasant at first this method is useful because it allows all kinds of memory function details. So you can see it with your eyes and hear it with your ears. More communication with what you have helps them learn better.



10. Number Two

Imagine using your body language when reading this will help you start your muscle memory again.



11. Number One

Select only the best items don't use outdated books and study methods have changed a lot since the books were written Don't waste your time on something that may appear, be a mistake go online and check out the most recent information on the subject Are there any tips to memorize if yes share in the comment section below like this video and send it to your friends and then don't forget how to forget anything after watching this video Don't forget to click the signup button to join us on the bright side


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