Top 10 tips for maintaining Good Health


Describing the importance of food

Most of us believe in the wrong concept that reducing the amount of diet will helps in gaining weight loss. It is true, but not to be followed. Because the amount of weight we are losing in that way is the loss of muscle content but not fat.  This is not good for our health. Failing muscle content will result in Physical Lethargy. So try to improve Muscle content and wisely eliminate lousy fat.


Importance of Exercise and healthy eating

Exercise is as essential as eating. Because it will strengthen our muscles, shapes the body, and keeps it in perfect condition by boosting immunity levels and reduces stress, anxiety. The exercise here doesn't mean joining gyms or aerobics or Zumba Dance classes, but also you can practice in the home by referring to some basic activities. If you are interested in Yoga, you can proceed in that way. 

Exercise is the best way to good health



Importance of Meditation

When there is concern regarding mental health, then it is the meditation that stands first in the list. Scientific Research says that meditation helps in reducing stress levels, controlling BP and avoiding mental ailments, increasing awareness, energising the body and the list goes on. Just spare 10-20 minutes of your day for meditation. There are lots of Guided meditation available online, you can practice that also.

How to do meditation


Importance of Reading

Yes, the habit of reading develops your Intellect. Thereby it helps in improving your decision-making ability. Spare  5 minutes of your day to read at least one page of a good book. This is so better than aimless surfing in social media.



Used for the illustration of work life balance

You should neither stick to work all the time nor spare attention to personal life all the time. The idea is to create a balance between them. If there a perfect balance exists, then life will move forward smoothly without any major issues.



Importance of building self esteem

Never lower your self, never doubt your capabilities, never underestimate your potential, never hate yourself. Always develop your Self-Esteem. Affirm within positively and say, "I love myself", "I have infinite powers in myself", "I am confident on my skills". Fake it till you make it.



Illustrates how to discover yourself

This is the most underrated tool in the history of mankind. Because Introspection turns your knowledge into Maturity. It acts like an anchor that holds the two rail tracks. One is Life and other is knowledge. 

Just spare 10 minutes at the end of the day and go through your entire day as watching a movie. I appreciate for your good deeds and criticism for your mistakes. In this way, you will discover your self and you will become your own master.



Illustrates the beauty of laughter

Have Fun! It is neither a crime nor you have to pay any tax for it. Studies show that Laughter will improve your mood and reduces stress and avoids Blood pressure. It also keeps you young as facial muscles will get exercised when you laugh.



Importance of quality time with family

Today Family time means watching a movie together or everybody in the family sitting in the same room holding mobile in their hands. The quality time indicates how well you spend not how much. Therefore when you are discussing or talking with your family, talk wholeheartedly, maintain proper eye contact. If you spend 5 minutes like this also will be considered as Quality time.



Importance of remaining silent

Don't try to argue with a fool, because you end up proving there are two. There is a wise saying which states, "Don't fight with a pig. Because you get dirty and the pig likes it."


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