Top 10 Strongest Fire Type Pokemon

To many a Pokemon fan, fire type Pokemon are considered to be the best. Yes, that’s one hell of a bias, but let's not forget that there’s no shortage of fantastic, powerful, and endearing fire types out there. For the sake of this list, we’ve aimed to not include multiple evolutions of the same kind of Pokemon. let’s jump into our list of the top 10 Fire Type Pokemon!


10. Ninetales

Ninetales image

Starting this list with an OG generation Pokemon, Ninetales is the evolution of Vulpix, the Firefox. Ninetales is arguably one of the most majestic of Pokemon out there and required firestone to get. It’s a vengeful Pokemon, known to curse those who mistreat it, and is incredibly intelligent – it can understand humans' speech easily.

It’s worth noting that Ninetales, during the earlier generations of games, wasn’t all that spectacular outside of its aesthetic and history. Rather, by the fourth generation of games, the Pokemon got a bit of an upgrade, with its Drought ability.

And in the Alolan region, if you use an ice stone on your Vulpix instead of Firestone, you’re given the Ice/Fairy variant of Ninetales, for those who prefer it in a different element. Also, Ninetales is one of the beautiful Pokemon in Pokemon history.


9. Magmortar


Some players praise Magmortar for its strength. The evolution of Magmar, a once standalone first-generation Pokemon, Magmortar proves itself useful towards many a Pokemon type and has some pretty epic abilities the likes of Fire Blast and Hyper Beam.

On the other side of things, some fans weren’t overly keen on Magmar getting an evolution and were disappointed by Magmortar, and didn't like the design for the Pokemon. 


8. Victini

Victini Image

Some players have mixed feelings towards Victini. It’s a pretty great Pokemon overall, although some feel its lacks luster in the fire type department. Despite all of its endearing charms, some players found its mix of fire and psychic types to be unimpressive.

That being said, Victini can also whip out some pretty powerful moves at times, like its Overheat and Flare Blitz. After all, it’s a Pokemon with the ability to store and harness the energy, which is pretty neat. Plus its Victory Star move in Super Smash Bros is also quite handy. Also, Victini is very cute.


7. Infernape

Infernape Image

Fire and fighting types combined? Yes, please. That’s the gist of Infernape, and why so many fans rally behind this Pokemon. The combination of those two types gives it a serious advantage over a lot of other fire types and makes it quite remarkable in battle.

The final evolution of Chimchar, a fourth-generation fire starter Pokemon, Infernape is also known for being quite fast. I also love the design and creative nature source (Monkey) of Infernape.


6. Entei

Entei Image

While some people had mixed feelings about the second-generation legendary dogs - especially since the first-generation legendary birds held were held close in many of our hearts – the legendary dogs were a neat addition to the Pokemon roster.

Entei included. According to one of his Pokedex entries, when Entei roars, a volcano will erupt on the other side of the world. For an incredibly powerful Pokemon, it fairly well rounded when it comes to power, speed, and stamina, making Entei not only a trophy Pokemon to parade around in your team, but one worthwhile to balance said team out.


5. Ho-Oh

Ho-OH Image

Another legendary Pokemon on our list, Ho-Oh is the guardian of the skies; a Pokemon that resembles a phoenix and a peacock combined, and the mascot of Pokemon gold. Its base stats at level 50 are pretty darn impressive – a total of 680, which is equal to only a few other incredibly powerful Pokemon.

Given that it’s a combined type – fire and flying – its capabilities are impressive too, and you can always count on it to pack a punch in battle.


4. Typhlosion

Typhlosion Image

The evolution of the second-generation fire starter Pokemon Cyndaquil, Typhlosion is without a doubt a beast. Primarily useful when it comes to power and stamina in battles, Typhlosion was one of the star Pokemon of the second generation, was always adored for his cool fiery mane, and was capable of learning a plethora of moves outside of its type, including electric, that made it's versatile.

Typhlosion is also resistant to many different types; bug, steel, fire, grass, ice, and a fairy are fairly weak against it, with only water, rock, and ground type Pokemon having some serious leverage over it.


3. Arcanine

Arcanine Image

Another original Pokemon from the first generation, Arcanine is one of the more straightforward fire types out there. Like Ninetales, it’s known for being majestic, and for its grace and speed. It, and its previous form Growlithe, are also known for being the police pooch of choice in the anime by Officer Jenny, which scores it some serious nostalgia points.

Aside from this, it's notably a well-rounded Pokemon, and always a reliable choice effective title − unless facing a water type, that is – and its Intimidate ability in later generations is one of the more arguably effective defensive moves out there.


2. Blaziken

Blaziken Image

Despite looking like a flaming chicken, Blaziken is a more-than-worthy Pokemon. Another fire-fighting type, it is arguably the strongest of that combination. Introduced in Generation 3, it’s the final form of Torchic and can also evolve into Mega Blaziken, which has a stat base total of 630.

In addition to all of that, its speed boost ability makes it nearly invincible at times, so it’s easy to see why Blaziken quickly became a fan favorite. It an awesome Pokemon, I love it.


1. Charizard

Charizard Image

Charizard wins our top spot for multiple reasons. First off, it’s an undeniably strong Pokemon -  part fire type, part dragon, which quickly became a fan favorite, especially since so many players had one in the early Pokemon games.

The second reason ties into that - Charizard is incredibly nostalgic, especially for the generations of gamers who grew up playing pokemon red, blue and yellow while simultaneously watching the Pokemon anime show. Fans of the show likely projected the distinct personality that Ash’s Charizard had onto their own in the games.

And even if they didn’t, the Pokemon is considered to be one of the most iconic, even down to its infamous trading card, which packs a pretty penny these days. All in all, Charizard made a great addition to any trainer’s team and provided not only firepower - literally - but also was a great choice for the Fly HM.

Also, we get a strong mega evolve form of Charizard that is Charizard X, but the design of Charizard Y is better.

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