Top 10 ODI Innings of the Decade

Cricket is a sport which most of the people in India love. Cricket is worshipped like a religion in India. In the three formats of international cricket, Test matches are the ones that require patience and thus are the most testing format of the game. T20 format includes the dominance of powerplay, and thus the game turns every moment. But among these, the  ODI format is the one which at the start of the innings requires the patience to study the match conditions and then at the end needs a boost to increase the team total. So, today I will be discussing the top 10 individual scores in the history of ODI matches.

List of Highest ODI scores:

1)Rohit Sharma:

Ro-hitman Sharma is in the first place with his phenomenal 264 run innings against the Sri Lankan team. In this game, India scored a massive total, and Rohit Sharma won the match for India single-handed. 

2)Martin Guptill:

The batsmen from New Zealand holds the record for scoring the highest number of runs in a world cup match. The opener scored a massive 237 run knock against the West Indies in the 2015 cricket world cup.

3)Virender Shewag:

Virender Sehwag is another Indian who has joined the list of highest ODI scores by an individual in ODI matches. Sehwag scored a massive knock of 219 runs against the Australian team in the year 2011.

4)Chris Gayle:

On number 4 comes one and only the universe boss, Christopher Henry Gayle. The man from Jamaica hit a 215 run knock in the 2015 world cup against Zimbabwe. Thus he also has scored the second-highest world cup score after Martin Guptill.

5) Faker Zaman:

The young opener from Pakistan is considered one of the most destructive players of the current Pakistani cricket team, which he proved by scoring a  century in his first match against India, which was his first international match. But his best innings came when he scored 210 runs against Zimbabwe and became the opening Pakistani batsmen to score a double hundred in ODI matches.

6)Rohit Sharma:

We all know that the man from India Rohit Sharma has scored three double tons in his ODI career till now; thus, it is evident that his name has come again in the list. He made a score of 209 in the year 2013 against the Australian team. This was his first ODI double hundred.

7) Sachin Tendulkar:

The god of cricket is next on the list. He was the first batsmen to score an ODI double hundred. The little-master played a 200 run-knock in the year 2010 against the South African team. 

8) Rohit Sharma:

Again of the list is Rohit Sharma. He scored another double-century against Sri Lanka, where he scored an individual score of 200 runs.

9) Charles Coventry:

I bet that most of you may not even know who he is? Charles Coventry was part of the Zimbabwe team. He has hit the highest score by any batsmen of Zimbabwe. He scored 194 runs against Bangladesh in the year 2009.

10)Saeed Anwar:

Saeed Anwar is one of the most destructive openers in th history of the game. Anwar scored a 194 run knocking the year 1997 against India.



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