Top 10 foods that reduce gastric problems.

Stomach filling is a common problem. Some people have blotting problems by eating potatoes, legumes, and some have gastric problems. Consuming too much carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, and starch is the reason for a hot stomach. Usually, this gas is wet and passes through the gas so that it does not interfere with daily activities. But if the gas does not come out of the stomach, it can cause abdominal pain. Gastric diarrhea occurs for several reasons. Consuming cold drinks, eating too much air too quickly, ingesting too much air, stress, and certain types of foods can cause stomach problems. These foods should be used in combination with food, filling with gas can help prevent stomach problems.


1. Ginger: -

It is an effective food that can be used to reduce gas pains and abdominal pain. Indigestion can help with ginger digestion. It reduces the production of gas in the stomach.

How can it be used:-

After the meal, it is advisable to boil a cup of water with a little ginger and add lemon juice and honey. When the gas in the stomach is painful, you should immediately look for a drink and reduce it immediately.

2. Ajwain: -

It is the oldest home of grandmother to alleviate the gastric problem. If you put it in your mouth, it will reduce the problem of pet gas. Ajwain can be difficult to eat. Drink half a teaspoon of celery in a cup of water and drink immediately.

3. Mint tea: - Mint tea is very good at reducing indigestion. Peppermint tea produces bile in the stomach. It can help reduce problems such as stomach gas, indigestion, abdominal pain, and chest pain.

How to use: - Drinking one leaf of peppermint for warm water is enough to empty the gastric.

4. Buttermilk: -

You must have heard me say that it is very good to drink buttermilk after lunch. Buttermilk is very helpful in eating food. It also helps eliminate saturated fat.

How to use: - Buttermilk is good for a half-intoxicating drink.

5. Cumin: -

Flatulence, acidity, indigestion is a good home for this kind of problem. It prevents excess gas in the stomach and helps indigestion.

How to use: - Drinking half a teaspoon of cinnamon with 2 cups of water will help reduce digestion and help with digestion.

6. Mucosa: -

Saliva is also very helpful in gastric excretion. It also helps in the discharge of gas and helps indigestion. It also helps in reducing the problem of flatulence.

How to use: - Aloe vera juice is available in the market to reduce abdominal pain. Bring it and mix it with water as instructed.

7.Heart: -

Yogurt is good for stomach health. Eating a cup of curd after a meal does not cause indigestion. If you eat yogurt, eat plain yogurt, and other fragrant yogurts are available in the market, but you will not feel any pain.

How to use: - Eat yogurt properly or if you can add cumin powder and salt.

8. Papaya: -

The papain present in papaya eliminates all impurities in the digestive organs. Therefore it is very effective in reducing gastric.

How to use: - Eat fruit or juice of fresh papaya.

9. Lemon juice and baking soda: -

Both these foods are very helpful in reducing stomach gas and reducing abdominal pain. Make lemonade and drink some soda.

How to use: - Add lemon juice to warm water and add a little baking soda to reduce indigestion.

10. Amla: -

Amla is very effective in reducing stomach problems. Eating it removes digestive problems, reduces flatulence, and reduces constipation.

How to use: - Mix it with water and, if possible, drink it on an empty stomach.

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