10. Saba or Juancho E Yrausquin Airport

It is located in Zion hill, Netherlands. Saba airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world because it has two shortest runway. It is only four hundred meters long. Most of the area of the airport is covered by the sea. Therefore, the landing of the airplane is so difficult and dangerous. One side of the airport is covered by the high hill, sometimes pilots face many problems, especially in bad weather conditions.

9. Toncontin International Airport

It is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It's located six kilometers from downtown Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This airport is considered to be one of the most difficult in the world to all aircraft, especially in inclement weather conditions. High altitude makes it Difficult, in landing the flights

8. Gibraltar Airport

It is located in British overseas territory. It is a short runway with the sea at each end and one side to the other side is raw of Gibraltar and the town. There is the main street located in the Winston Churchill Avenue Intersector runway and it is too close when the plane lands to a ground

7. Altiport Courchevel LFLJ

It is located in France. The critical part of this airport is, in the front, it has a very short runway. It is only 537 meters long. If aircraft do not gain enough speed by the end of the runway, they simply fly off the edge of the cliff, hoping for the best.

6. Wellington International Airport

It is located in New Zealand. This airport is a single lane airport. It has a 6000-foot runway, which is very short. The Runway appears to be well as and it is above the Crystal Bluewater. However, the whole experience is fun. If you are strong enough to enjoy the adventure of flying here, then you must trust your pilot.

5. Paro International Airport

It is located in Bhutan, a Himalayan Mountain. This Himalayan airport is one of the most dangerous airports, Only eight pilots are qualified to land here. The airport is 1.5 miles above the sea level and surrounded by choppy of up to 18000 feet tall, the runway is just 6500 feet long. There are many difficulties faced by the pilot during the landing, due to such difficulty to this airport is considered as the world's most dangerous airport.

4. Tenzing Hillary or Lukla Airport

It is located in Nepal. The airport is nestled between the mountain and the runway, and they are too short. Take off and landing at the airport can be really difficult. Most of the time there will be no electrical power, it can be quite risky. The air pilot would not be in contact with the ground air controller due to the poor signal and nil power. The pilot will mostly be in a tough spot during landing the plane.

3. McMurdo Station

It is located in Antarctica. Not many people travel to Antarctica, which means that the airport infrastructure, they are significantly lagging. This runway is not particularly short, but it is made of white ice, which can cause planes to crash if the landing is not perfect. Due to the lack of light, Pilots are trained to learn using night vision goggles.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport

It is located in Sint Maarten. It is also one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Pilots have to fly over a little part of the beach, cross over the fence and then pass the road and then land on the runway. The airport landing strip is just too short only 7000 feet long. Large aircraft need at least 8000 feet long enough to ensure a safe landing. This airport is built only for small and medium planes.

1. Kai Tak Airport

It is located in Hong Kong. The airport was surrounded by tall buildings and the runway was only 3300 meters long. There were more difficulties in landing here due to the surrounding mountains. Aircraft pilots should be careful in caution when making a landing or taking off.

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