Top 10 Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer in present time is the most common cancer in India. Out of 10 people 6 are effected by skin desease. It is a type of abnormal skin cells growth. Mainly it causing from the UV rays of Sun. Also there are other causes by which peoples are getting effected. It is a major problem in today's world, people should be cautious about the disease, otherwise it will spread. There are 10 causes of skin cancer and they are -



(1) Age:

In recent times people above the age of 65 years are affected by skin cancer. It may be by reason of not taking proper care of their skin. People who have fair skin also are at very high risk.



(2) Weaken of Immune System:

Peoples who have Weaken Immune System are getting affected by the skin disease which later turns into skin cancer. Also, cancer can affect the human body by spreading to the bone marrow, so people who have weakened the immune system are in a higher risk.



(3) Gender:

Skin cancer rates are increasing quickly in women than men. Women who have fair skin, red hair, blue eyes are in a high risk of skin cancer. Though men spend more of the time in the sun than women, men are also not protecting their skin with sunscreen, so they are also at risk of skin cancer.



(4) Large Number of Moles:

The technical name of a mole is nevus. Moles normally change in size and color as we grow. Naturally new moles comes when our hormone levels change, for example, during pregnancy time. If we have more than 50 common moles, we are at a higher risk for skin cancer.



(5) Genetic:

Defective genes can be inherited. This can be a reason of your skin cancer. So, if you have family member who had skin cancer, there is a probability to have a lot of unusual moles, and you are at higher risk of skin cancer.



(6) UV Rays:

Unprotected exposure to UVA and UVB damages the DNA in skin cells, which causes skin cancer. It also can cause eye damage, genetic material and can cause cells to start growing out of control. Any one can develop skin cancer, but some people are in higher risk. Spending lots of time without protecting our skin can cause skin damage.



(7) Chemicals:

Chemicals like, arsenic, industrial tar, coal, paraffin and certain types of oils, may increase skin disease which later turns into skin cancer. There are cosmetics in the market which also can create skin problems and after few times it's turned into skin cancer, for example, perfumes, moisturizers, creams, etc.



(8) Smoking:

People who smoke are more commonly develop Squamous cell and which cause skin cancer, especially on the lips area. Tobacco is a risk factor for several types of cancer. It also cause premature skin aging.



(9) Virus:

Viruses are very small 'organisms'that can infect the cells of other animal or human, can damage DNA. There are some viruses like, human papilloma virus (HPV), Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) associated herpes virus and human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 caused cancer.



(10) Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome:

Basal cell nevus syndrome affect skin, endocrine system, nervous system, bones, eyes. Development of basal cell carcinoma in adolescence or young adulthood is the most common symptom. It is also responsible for development of other cancer. The risk of ovarian tumors and skin cancer is increased with this. Features associated with basal cell nevus syndrome may include the following -

1. Development of more than 2 basal carcinomas before age of 20 years.

2. Cysts in the Jaw.

3. Characteristic facial appearance.

4. Rib or vertebral abnormalities etc.



Preventive Measures that we can take:

1. Seek shade, especially between 10 am to 4 pm.

2. Avoid sunburned, tanning, UV tanning beds.

3. Cover skin with clothes.

4. Use of broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.

5. Consult with doctor if you see any skin problem.

6. Keep new born out of Sun.


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