Top 10 Best Ways To Top The Exam In 2021

Nowadays, there is only a competitive environment everywhere, in such a situation that every student wants to top their exam and to top the exam is not as easy as we can easily understand. There are rules for everything in this world, so if you study well by studying the rules, then there is no stopping us from exam me Top Karne, so let Top Kaise Kare know about it.

Top 10 Rules Top In exam In 2021:-

This question comes to the mind of every student, how to study, what to study, how much to study, and how to top the exam by bringing the best numbers in the exam, then let us tell you the 10 best ways to top the exam.



1. Do Regular study.

This is a simple matter as we do our work daily on the Daily Base as the sun goes out on its own time and it sets daily on its own time, in the same way, we should also do our study daily. That is, we teach every day, so there are many benefits to it, by reading daily we read the lessons of every subject well, and we do not have to study in an additional presser at the time of examinations.

But not reading many students daily, when the exam comes near, they start studying day and night, it is not right to do this because it has a bad effect on our health, so we should study on regular basis. If we read daily, then at the time of the exam, only our subject has to be repeated.



2. To Study In Regular School Class.

The motto of studies is to go to school daily and to attend and study in the class of all their subjects in the school because nowadays the biggest decrease is seen in the students that they do not go to regular school and even if they go then all their classes.

Don't Attend which is equivalent to cheating yourself in a way And often students think that let's leave our class, we will read it well in our tuition, But if we read a subject in class, then read it again at home and then in our tuition, then we will surely understand the subject very well and we can never forget it, so if topping in the exam So our school class also matters a lot, so we should go to school every day without wasting time, and should study diligently there.



3. Make a Time Table For The Study.

There is a time for everything like eating on time, going to school, having exams on time, admission in new classes on time, that is, there is a time fix for every job of the world, so we should also set the time table for our studies. should do.

While setting the time table, it should also be kept in mind that the subject in which we are very weak, give him more time for studying, then give time to read for every subject and sometimes it happens that we only have one If we pay more attention to the subject, then other subjects are left behind. And we should also give time to write along with the study in our Time Table.

In the examination of Q, the Solve Question written in front of Examiner goes to us, so whatever we read, we should keep reading and writing along Anything gets set in mind by writing and our writing also becomes beautiful, which is very important for examination.



4. Take Care Of Your Health.

If what we read is quickly understood by us and we remember it quickly, then it is very important for us to have good health, because if we remain healthy, then whatever we read will be understood quickly. Will remember soon as well.

As mentioned, it is said: -

Therefore, it is very important to take care of our health along with our studies. As everyone knows, a person who is healthy can do his work with his mind



5. To Discuss About The Study In Group.

When we read anything, is our information completely correct or are we missing something in the subject we have read, then to avoid such situations, we should study with our classmates in a group, because if we do If things are not known, perhaps our classmates know, then while discussing, we will also know that our concept will also be cleared, so we should keep answering questions among ourselves.



6. Exam Stress

As we all know, any work is done under stress or tension often gets spoiled, so we should never take Tension for our examination. Rather we should focus all our attention on preparing the subject well and by regular study, all our subjects will be ready on time and then we can bring the best number in our exam.



7. Wake Up Early Morning

Morning time is considered to be the best for studying because this is the time when the surrounding environment is very quiet and there is a noiseless way to study, then you get up early in the morning and remember the things you read from reading quickly.

Therefore, we should make a habit of getting up early in the morning and the question arises that if we studied till late at night then how to get up early in the morning. So for this, when we study at night, then we should not study till late at night, because it makes a difference to our sleep which can have a bad effect on health in the future, so we have to get up early in the morning than in the late night. It should be stressed.



8. To Gather Attention

Nowadays, the biggest problem with all of us is that we cannot have a moment without Tv, Mobile Phone, Facebook, or Whatsapp which affects our study somewhere. It is often seen that while reading many people get their attention on TV, Mobile, or other places so that our attention is not only in the studies.

but also in the way that we do not understand what we read. Or forget it quickly. Therefore, whenever we do our studies, all our attention should be on our books, this should be followed well.



9. Advice To Your Elders

In order to get anything, we need to work in that direction and whatever we are doing or want to do is right, what is the solution, we should always ask ourselves Should keep taking advice. It is possible that we are not making any mistake due to stress about our study or there is no shortage from us, we should also share all these things with our elders so that our study To find a good route.



10. Focusing On Your Whole Subjects

This is the most important rule for the exam, because when we enter our new class, initially we prepare the Lesson of the subject very well, but the Jyoti Jaya exam comes very close, we are unable to read the last chapter of our subject very well or Due to short time they are lessened.

And when questions are asked in the exam, they are asked from all the books so that those questions are missed in the exam due to our lack of less, so we should pay attention to the study of our entire books. Apart from this, if we study well by fixing time for each subject well before one or two months before the start of the examination.

then we definitely have a good preparation for the exam and are able to give good time for the subject. , So to top it, we should prepare well for the exam a couple of months before the exam.


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