Top 10 best places to travel in 2021 during coronavirus

We're counting down our picks for the top 10 best list destinations for 2021. We're looking at countries, cities, islands, and other locales around the world that may or may not be on your radar in any case you should cross them off your must-visit list this year.



Number 10:- Bogota Colombia

Colombia Monument picture

In the heart of Colombia resides the country's largest city likewise the landmarks that makeup Bogota are larger than life the Monserrate and Guadalupe hills which both have an elevation of over 3,000 miles offer phenomenal views of Colombia's cultural cornerstone although the easter hills have restricted this capital city's growth Bogota nonetheless has a booming economy people flock here for its stage, theaters, sporting events, museums, parks, and libraries. Due in part to its numerous libraries and universities, Bogota has been described as the Athens of South America also like Athens Bogota is lush with astonishing historical sites such as La Candelaria if you majored in architecture seeing this neighborhood's houses and churches in person needs to be on your traveling list.



Number 9:- Lombok Indonesia

Lombok Indonesia View

With 17,508 official islands, there's only so much of Indonesia a person can see in a lifetime. Let alone a year, if you're going to visit one island of Indonesia in 2021 though I recommend Lombok while not as well known as the neighboring Bali this lesser Sunda island is every bit as luxurious it also has a smaller population meaning the beaches might not be quite as crowded if hiking is more your forte mount Rinjani is Indonesia's second-highest volcano with an elevation of over 12,000 feet climbing this stratovolcano is no easy task but you can always stop to relax at the hot springs beyond Lombok's northwest coast are the gilly islands prime spots for diving horseback riding and watching the sunset.



Number 8:- Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque terre Italy view

When it comes to exquisite coastal areas Cinque Terre national park has a view that's hard to compete with distinguished by its terraced landscape and colorful houses. This world heritage site is a wonder to perceive and a thrill to explore comprising five villages you can chill by the beach in Monterroso Al Mare take in the architecture of Vernazza stroll through Cornelia drink some local wine in Manarola and go shopping in Rio maggiore although you can hop from village to village via train this is one locale where you're going to want to get in as much walking as possible with every step you take there is another striking sight that will blow up your Instagram account.



Number 7:- Rwanda

Kigali View

Anybody can go to the zoo but seeing the mountain gorillas of volcanoes national park is an experience, unlike any other mountain gorillas, are an endangered species and Rwanda is among the few places where they can be observed safely they aren't this African country's only magnificent creatures as you're also inclined to come across elephants lions and giraffes at Akigawa national park outside of the wildlife there's kayaking at lake Kivu, heaps of volcanoes to hike, and an abundance of culture to absorb in the capital city of Kigali. It's also worth paying your respects at the Kigali genocide memorial and Murambi genocide memorial given everything it has to offer I understand why tourism has become Rwanda's primary foreign exchange earner as of late.



Number 6:- Bhutan Asia

Bhutan Monument Picture

If you're looking to cleanse your mind of all the stress that 2020 brought, a trip to the kingdom of Bhutan will leave you reinvigorated with Buddhism being the country's main religion this is the ideal place to meditate on the life you can dig deep inside yourself at the doula pass meditation caves atop the cliffside of pada Takshang or in front of the giant Buddha Dordenma statue. For anyone who visits Bhutan one activity that needs to be on your list is walking across the Punakha suspension bridge which offers a superb view of the puna changsu river below and neighboring mountains after checking out punaka Zhong take the bridge to the nearby villages for a refreshing nature walk.



Number 5:- Seoul South Korea

Seoul Bridge view

While new York and Los Angeles are obvious choices, Seoul is another sprawling metropolis that's perfectly suited for a big city adventure the capital of South Korea there is excitement to be found in all 25 districts this bustling city is anything but scarce when it comes to historic landmarks from the Jiang bukkung Palace to the Jul Gesa temple to Lotte world tower speaking of which Lotte world includes the largest indoor amusement park on earth as well as an outdoor theme park, and mall doing some more shopping at the nan de mon and Tongde moon markets you're bound to leave Seoul with heavier bags. Although Seoul is an urban paradise. It's also booming with natural beauty which you'll see in the Seoul forest and other parks.



Number 4:- Poland

Warsaw view

We're all familiar with Poland although it might not immediately leap out as a bucket list destination at least not compared to some other countries in Europe Poland overflows with so much fascinating history though that it not only feels like your venture to another place but to another time as well the country is home to 16 world heritage sites proving plenty of daily activities you can shop at the warsaw old town hike through Biwa Vieja forest and reflect on a harrowing chapter in human history at Auschwitz concentration camp. Although World War II was an especially dark period for Poland. Today the country is renowned for its quality of life a sentiment that's sure to rub off on any tourist.



Number 3:- The Maldives

Maldives beach view

The Maldives has likely eluded you since it's the smallest country in Asia as well as the least populous thus Maldives can at times feel like your own private paradise which is ideal for those looking to socially distance on their getaway, of course, that's not to say it's without some lively areas the capital of Malay or kings island is known for being densely populated while I do suggest hitting up male for the shopping and sightseeing you'll spend a majority of your trip running along with the beach diving with dolphins or watching the sun go down at the end of a pier, you can't go wrong with a Maldives hotel especially one that puts you on the brink of nirvana-like the final resort.



Number 2:- Norwegian fjords

                                 Norway mountain and river view

Derived from glaciers fjords are lengthy inlets between high cliffs there are roughly 1190 fjords spread throughout Norway and Svalbard each of which is a beacon of natural splendor the country's deepest and lengthiest is a song in fjord which runs 127 miles from the water to shoulder a quaint village earning its nickname as king of the fjords conquering it isn't for amateurs. Thankfully it also has various leisurely trails tailored for families with younger children whatever road you take you're guaranteed to see majestic mountains and beautiful bodies of water while the song in the fjord is the crown jewel and Nair provide backdrops right out of a fairy tale they helped inspire the kingdom of Arendelle from frozen.



Number 1: - Petra Jordan

                                             Ptera Jordan Building Monumnents

If you want your vacation to be an adventure you can't go wrong with a site right out of Indiana Jones while you might not find the holy grail you will come across gorgeous gorgeous stunning sandstone mountains and ancient architecture in this archaeological city petra is perhaps best known for Al-Khana Aka the treasury a temple that may have been the resting place of Nabataean king Haritha IV. Due to the covid-19 pandemic petra has essentially been reduced to a ghost town since March 2020. In September however, the government announced that international flights into Jordan could resume world travel and the tourism council also granted Jordan the safe travel stamp giving you all the more reason to cross petra off your list later.


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