Top 10 benefits of eating curd


    In the summer, we include many such things in the diet which cool the body. yoghurt is also one of those things. you must have heard the benefits of curd, but it can be more beneficial for you to consume curd in summer. The health benefits of curd yoghurt are many. in the games, we use many things as cooler than yoghurt.

     Many quality is found in the curd which is beneficial for our body. the most important thing is that by eating yoghurt, our digestion power is strong. Eating curd does not have stomach problem. Apart from this, the curd is full of nutrients.

       The milk that does not like can take curd as a milk option. there are good nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-2, magnesium and potassium in curd.  if the curd with many summer yoghurt sugar food is very good for health.

        While eating out of the house, eating curd and sugar gets good glucose in the body, which immediately gets energy. apart from this. it is considered to be auspicious.



 Benefits of eating curd 

 1•Increase curd digestion power 

2•Help to increase curd immune power

3•Makes bones stronger 

4•Increase energy level 

5•Curd beneficial in reducing weight 

6•Konw the curd skin beautiful and glowing 

7•Hair will fall less 

8•yogurt for BP patients 

9•Eat yoghurt every day and stay relaxed 

10•Keep heart healthy 



Increase curd digestion power 

    The digestion problem remains correct by eating yoghurt. problems like constipation, indigestion, stomach clean the digestive system, good bacteria present in curd had a great tool. A bowl curd with daily food makes your digestive system correct and can improve your stomach activity. bacteria found in curd can help your digest that food.



Help to increase curd immunity

    by consuming daily curd in the summer, you can help in increasing immune. you're entire better due to good bacteria present in curd and they can work to strengthen your immune.

      Yogurt is a contains very beneficial and very healthy bacteria for the intestines. also, the probiotics present in it boost up the immunity system and help the body fight viral fever to common cold and infection.



Makes bones stronger

  A large amount of calcium and phosphorus are found in yogurt. yogurt can help in the development of strong bones. being rich in calcium, the curd is very good for our bones A well as our teeth. for this eat a bowl of curd every summer and make the bones strong.



Increase energy level 

  your acts as an excellent and effective fuel for the body. Especially, when you feel tired soon in the summer season, eating curd will make you also keeps you hydrated. just add a little salt or sugar to it,    and your body will feel more balanced and energetic. not only this but the curd is also a great stash buster. due to which it reduces the level of anxiety in you.



Curd beneficial in reducing weight

Excess weight is a problem for many people. Yoghurt is rich in protein and it also contains healthy fat along with essential nutrients by taking this, you can not only help in weight loss, but it can also promote healthy fat. yoghurt helps reduce excess body fat. yoghurt not only helps you in gaining weight but also helps in weight loss.



Know the curd skin beautiful and glowing

  by eating curd, the body iron, magnesium and zinc.   all these elements work together to repair our skin cells, also maintain the flow of blood inside the body. this makes our skin naturally beautiful and glowing.

    The curd is soft on the face and it comes to the skin. if the face massage curd.

    Use curd to remove skin dryness by applying the curd face with oil and lemon juice to end the dryness of the face.



Hair will fall less 

    Apart from the help of curd preventing hair from falling then can be made strong and is a great solution to curd and fenugreek in hair 

       Curd nourishes hair and for dry and fall hair, curd is the best option. therefore conditioning the hair with curd is a big part of their better care.

   If you want to bring shin to your hair, then adding an egg to yogurt is a good solution for this.



Yogurt for BP patients 

   Nutrients present in curd are very important for the body. Every person is advised to consume a balanced diet to stay such a case people will benefit from eating yoghurt.

     Natural calcium is found in curd which is helpful to soften the veins. when the veins become soft, they expand that blood flow is a better way. also, it remains in control over high blood pressure. Apart from this, potassium is also abundant in curd. potassium high blood pressure is considered to be very effective in controlling.



Eat yogurt every day and relaxed 

 Consuming probiotics like yoghurt not only helps in controlling the bacteria in the testing but also reduced anxiety as well as improves brain function. Eating yoghurt helps to improve mental health.



Keeps heart healthy 

   including yoghurt in your daily food will keep your heart strong and prevent you from many diseases. because high cholesterol affects blood flow and the person is at risk of heart attack or stroke. in this case, fat-free yoghurt reduces the amount of cholesterol produced in the blood and also keeps away from the problem of blood pressure. Eating disease, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases.



    What time to eat yoghurt 

   According to Ayurveda, the curd should not be consumed during the night. because its tusser is cold. because of which it can prove to be dangerous. Amounting should be confirmed before at 3oclock do not consume curd ant night. According to Ayurveda, eating at night can infection, mucus problem, obesity, skin related problems.



 Righty to eat yoghurt 

  During the day add ghee, honey, sugar moong dal, amla powder etc. to curd should be avoided by eating it alone. this can prove to be dangerous for health.



   How much yoghurt to eat in a day 

  people think that eating curd is considered good for health, then take it several times a day. but you should know that about 200-300 grams should be consumed in a day.



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