In the 21st century, technology is essential to us. Some countries are very advanced in it. They also teach us the meaning of technology. We can't think about our daily life without technology. Today I am going to tell you about the top 10 countries who are very advanced in technology.


Sweden is the world's 10th most advanced country in the line of technology. It is a Europian country. Sweden has the world's 2nd highest average internet connection. It is also very famous for its natural beauty. Sweden is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. so, friends, this is the country which providing and growing up on technology day by day


Israel is the 9th most advanced country in the world. Its private Industries are very successful. Israel also announced to the world that, "if any country kills his 1 person, then Israel has the power to kill his 1000 people. Israel is making many advanced things for the Military. It is also creating many intel chips. Israel also providing many advanced weapons.


In our list, Canada is the 8th country in the world, which is very advanced in technology. Canada is a North American country. Since the last three years in the quality life index, Canada is no.1 country in the whole world. His people's lifestyles are very advanced. Canada's government is focusing very much on technology. Canada is also very famous for its study system. Canada has the world's best study system. That's why it is no.8 on our list.


England is the 7th county, which is very popular and advanced for technology. It is the United Kingdom's country.  At a time England had his kingdom almost half of the country in the world. His people are very advanced in technology. England also has a very powerful army. Every time England is making many powerful things for the Military.


China is the world's most populated and very advanced country. China is the world's 6th most advanced country in technology. In the coming thirty years China will be going to the world's most advanced country. It is the country, who invented the "Gun Powder". China is also making many technologies for the Military. These all are the reason for which China is in no.6 on our list.


India is a south Asian country and it is the world's 5th country, which is very advanced in technology. India makes all advanced Softwaews for technology. India is the motherland of all science. An Indian citizen name: Ajay Batt invented the USB for computers. Ajay is an American computer Architect. Indian Space Agency "ISRO" is getting very advanced day by day. India also has such a big Military power. So, we can easily say that India is an advanced technological country.


Since World War 2 Germany is a light first country. Germany is very advanced in providing cars to the whole world. Just because of Germany the whole world achieving a lot of success in the automobile section. World-famous car companies belong to Germany. These companies are the world's top 5 car companies. these all reasons make Germany the world's 4th advanced technological country.

3.South Korea

South Korea is an East Asian country. South Korea is very rich in technology. The world-famous company "Samsung" is a South Korean company. It has the world's fastest internet connection. Normally the world's average internet connection is 8 Mbps, but South Korea has 28 Mbps. South Korea uses to invent many chips. Most biggest TV company "LG" is also a South Korean company. So, there is no doubt that South Korea is the world's 3rd most advanced technological country.


The world's biggest companies like Amazon, Google, etc are American companies. America is the country that invented the "Internet". It is very clear that just because of America, we are taking advantage of the internet. America makes many advanced Weapons. World's biggest Space research center "NASA" is an American research center. America is the country that sent humans the first time to the Moon. For all these America is 2nd  advanced technological country on our list.


Japan is the 1st  advanced technological country in the world. Japan makes the world's most advanced gadgets. Japanese people have a very creative mind, every time they use invent much technology. There are many Robots who work in Japan's biggest hotels. So, Japan is a very advanced country.

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