How to get rid of swelling of hands and feet in winter season

It is widespread to suffer seasonal ailments after the winter season's arrival due to weather transition from hot to cold. Whereas these ailments go away by themselves in general, but sometimes it is important to cure them when pain is borne by the ailments become unbearable, like swelling of hands and feet due to unbearable cold conditions.

It is widespread to see swelling at a minute level in the hands and feet in winters, which goes away by itself after the temperature increase after winters. When the person who suffers swelling in the hands and feet also observes pain and skin color change to red on the area suffering from swelling, it becomes necessary to get it treated properly before the condition deteriorates.

While applying home remedies can be beneficial to get rid of swelling from the hands and feet, it should be noted that if the condition becomes more critical and doesn't improve by itself, it would be advisable to consult a medical practitioner properly medication.


Many home remedies just require some easily available items at home to cure many seasonal ailments borne by the cold weather. It is important to note that these home remedies work effectively only when the ailment is not of critical nature. Here it is important to mention that swelling in the hands and feet can be cured by following the home remedy until the condition of hands and feet doesn't deteriorate to an extreme level.

Alum has been considered one of the best items that can help eliminate swelling in hands and feet. Alum, which is actually a chemical compound, carries many medicinal values and has also been used in cooking for decades in India for pickling and curdling food items. Alum powder or crystallized Alum can effectively cure swelling in the hands and feet when applied regularly. It is interesting to note that Alum has been used for ages in India for stopping bleeding borne by any cut on the body, for instance, while doing the shaving. Alum can be effectively used in treating swelling by the following procedure.


Take a piece of alum and add it into one glass of boiling water and wait till the alum is completely dissolved into the boiling water. When we observe that there is not a single crystal of alum in the water, it is ready to use after the water cools down to treat swelling on the hands and feet. When alum water cools down completely, it should be applied to the area affected by swelling by regularly washing that area with alum water.


It is advisable to wash your hands and feet, which is affected by swelling, two times a day, that is, morning and evening, for seeing the best results within a time period of a few days. It is a matter of fact that mostly we can see improvement within 7 to 10 days when alum water is applied regularly two times a day.



It should also be noted that regions where the winter season is harsh, and they observe severe cold temperatures should also protect their body from the cold by wearing warm clothes, especially when moving outside from your home.

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