These are the 7 biggest things in the world, you probably know about them

Today we are giving you information about the 7 oldest things in the world, part of which you are rarely known. 

The last things in the world are made by human beings and are world famous. 

There are many. 

The world of the world .............. Let's not be late Indicator about the 7 great things in the world. 


1.The world's largest tour - Belaz

The biggest time in the world is Belaj. The Russian company made this has become Belaz.

Indeed it is inspired by the order about the mining company by Belaz. 

Talking about the length of this train, it is 21 meters and it is as simple as 496 tons. 

At that time, its height and photos are about 9 meters. Weighing in at 360 tons, it has a 64-kilometer rep run.

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2.The world's largest ship - Prelude

Prelude is considered to be the largest ship in the world. The ship is used to remove gas and transport it to other countries. 

The size of this ship is more than 1600 feet. It also weighs 20 times more than the Statue of Liberty. 

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3.The world's largest aircraft - StratoLunch

By plane we can easily reach from one place to another. But have you ever wondered what the name of the largest aircraft in the world is. 

The StratoLunch is believed to be the world's largest aircraft, a type of rocket launch. 

The aircraft is built by the American aerospace company Stratolonche and is 375 long. The aircraft weighs 2 lakh forts. 

The aircraft is divided into 2 different cabins, capable of launching rockets after reaching an altitude of 35000.

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4.The world's largest building - the New Century Global Complex

The world's largest building is built in China. Named the New Century Global Complex. The building was completed on July 1, 2013.

The building covers an area of ​​18,900,000 square feet. The building measures 28 feet high, 1,642 feet long, and 1,312 feet wide. 

It is beautifully constructed and has artificial beaches. There are many hotels, universities and shopping inside this building.


Apart from the New Century Global Complex, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is also considered to be the tallest building in the world. 

There is also a hotel on the building and people come from far and wide to see it. 

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5.The largest pool in the world - San Alfonso del Mar.

The largest pool in the world exists in the Chilean city of Algarobo. This pool of water is wonderfully built and spreads over an area of 1,013 meters. 

You would be surprised to know that this pool can hold 250 million liters of water. 

It was included in the Guinness World Records in December 2006 as the largest pool by region.

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6.The longest train in the world - the ghan

The name of the largest train in the world is Ghan which is in Australia. This is a passenger train. 

The length of this train is 3600 feet. It has about 44 bins. This train travels 3000 kilometers daily from Adelaide to Darwin. 

If you get the chance, then definitely travel in this train.

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7.The world's largest international space station

NASA has built the world's largest space station. It is 240 feet long and about 360 feet wide. 

It is larger than the International Space Station football stadium. This space station was sent to different parts of space and its parts have been added there. 

The world's largest space station was built by NASA in 2011.

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