The Xiaomi bulb is so popular (and cheap) that Amazon has had to restrict its purchase

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Xiaomi wants to sneak into the kitchen in all Spanish homes, and the truth is that apparently, she is succeeding, not only with her phones but with other household products that have a ground-breaking price. This is the case of its WiFi bulb, which has caused a furor for months in stores like Amazon, which even ran out of stock for a time.

Now they have units available again, although their popularity is such that the store has had to limit orders. You will have to buy at least two groups, each one at € 10.61 price.

It is a very affordable cost if we consider several things, such as that the manufacturer is Philips, a brand that offers full guarantees. Also, it is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Xiaomi's own Mi Home app. Shipping is free in two circumstances: if you buy at least three units, in which case you will exceed € 29 that Amazon sets as the limit to assume the shipping costs or as an Amazon Prime user.

Image result for The Xiaomi bulb is so popular (and cheap) that Amazon has had to restrict its purchase If you are, you will receive your order fairly quickly, in approximately 48 working hours. If not, you can always take the opportunity to sign up for the free trial month with no commitment to stay.

This Xiaomi WiFi bulb is considered one of the best, especially for its value for money. For just over € 10, you get a highly compatible model, which you can easily regulate in intensity and which also has 9W of power, enough to light up a medium-sized room.

Another of the smart Xiaomi products that have been sweeping Amazon is its plug, also compatible with Alexa and with a price of 14.99 euros. You can include it in your order to get more quickly to those € 29 we mentioned.

Of course, to use these products for the Smart Home with voice commands, you will need a smart speaker, be it a Google Home Mini or one of the Amazon Echo, the cheapest of all being the Echo Flex that costs only € 24.99. However, the store itself recommends the Echo Dot because it is perhaps the most versatile of all.

In this smart speaker buying guide, we explain what the differences are and what you should buy depending on each case.

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