The universe and issues to human living

The univers is combination of gigantic galaxies,and galaxies having different sub division of more to more ,as we know earth is revolve around the sun but Islam have unbelievable able discoveries conflict among science ,islam says earth is static position but sun is in motion around the the earth this coflicon ever not been clear.

Earth and sun relation describe our life scyle how many time will dark or shining day for us,if focus on the how this strange thing id satatic in space but have huge volume ,it is not enough to su having volume 5 lack greater than erth un believe able for us ,and it is source of big light if we try to fillup the needy which is gaining by sun we want to artificial create it wiil just joke.

Because animals will affected by the fire and lost their lives.plast bag these thing must ignored

How effects on the human life.

Globally condition you will listen repeatedly but how it effects we never can imagine it.forest cutting is cause of drought because trees are source to gaining rain at needy areas ,it is not more when we cut the tree after using as firing it will covert into the smoke smoke will disturb the O3 which is comonly known as Ozone layer which is covering the atomosphere but smoke or other dangerous thing are destroying its presentation ,this will cause of the hole like occure in the affrican countryside.

Which is damage the whole human life it create harmfully disease which has no treatment s ever before .

Here we must focous onthe main issues of the harmful disease thtt Islaam is sent a well wisher for whole mankond prophet PBUH ,who said if you merg in evils deeds you must remember then disease will occure having no treatments it was the gosep of 1400 year ago as slert but today we forget this so want freedom from thes problems we must follow them

Thanks for seeking some thing.

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