How to Modify Firewall Configuration For QuickBooks POS [The Ultimate Guide]

Are you exasperated with the connection issues in QB and looking for a guide to modifying configuration for QuickBooks? If you just nodded your head for a yes, then I have a one-stop solution for setting up your firewall settings.

Check out this blog post on the ultimate steps to modify the Windows Firewall configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sales.

Understanding the QuickBooks Desktop POS

Before we dig deeper into the steps for setting up the firewall settings for QB POS, let’s understand this software. While building your retail business, the toughest part is to keep a record of your inventory and day-to-day sales.

But with the QuickBooks POS software, this process becomes a piece of cake. Thanks to the amazing features of the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sales for ensuring smooth customer experiences. Here are a few explicit features of the QuickBooks POS application:

·        Let’s you sync your data with QuickBooks Desktop while reducing the double entries at the same time.

·        Offers protected payment options for a smooth cashflow process.

·        Advanced inventory management system for handling the inventory items effortlessly.

·        Comes with integrated eCommerce solutions.

Why is it a need of the hour to modify the Firewall Configuration for QuickBooks POS?

If it’s about changing your firewall settings for QuickBooks POS, then you just can’t ignore it. Well, there are endless reasons why you need to set up your firewall configuration, such as:


·        Wrong firewall settings on your system can be a hurdle for you while transferring your electronic funds through QuickBooks POS

·        Unchanged firewall configurations can lead to defective Database server manager that prevents you from recording transactions to the company file 

·        Facing difficulty in getting Intuit Entitlement services like product license & user validation is another consequence of a wrong firewall configuration. 

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Top 3 Things To Consider While Setting up the Firewall Configuration For QB POS


When it comes to configuring your system’s firewall settings for Intuit QB POS, there are some things you must consider. Here are they:


·        Initially, having permission to use the Windows Administrator for making firewall modifications is essential. 

·        Make sure you don’t forget to add the required ‘Firewall ports’ & ‘Executable files’ for the POS utility software. 

·        Connect with the third-party program developer for understanding the integration procedure of ports and file extensions. 

How to modify the Windows Firewall configuration for Intuit QB POS? 

If you wish to set up firewall settings for your QuickBooks POS version, you need to follow the below steps:


1.     Firstly, press and hold the ‘Windows+R’ keys for the purpose to launch the ‘Run’ command. 

2.     As soon as the Run windows pop up on your screen, type ‘Control’ and tap OK.

3.     After you see the ‘Control Panel’ window appearing in your system, change the ‘View by’ settings to small icons. 

4.     Later on, choose the ‘Windows Firewall’ option by clicking on it. 

5.     Going further, pick the option for ‘Advanced Settings’.

6.     Once you see the Inbound option, choose it by tapping on it. 

7.     Now, hit on the ‘New Rule’ option and then pick the ‘Port’ you need by selecting it. 

8.     Next, select the ‘Allow Connection’ option and tap on the ‘Next’ button. 

9.     In the end, provide a name for your firewall rule and hit the ‘Finish’ button. 


Final Thoughts:


Indeed, correctly configured Firewall settings for QuickBooks Desktops POS lets you prevent QB connection issues. And that’s why you must follow the right steps for setting your system’s firewall manually. 


Hopefully, modifying firewall configuration for QuickBooks will be a park walk if you follow the above-mentioned steps. All you need to consider is to select the positive options like permit, allow, grand, and more during the process. 


Is it still tough for you to understand how to configure your system’s firewall settings for hassle-free QB POS usage? Well, you don’t have to worry about it much, call the QuickBooks error support team to help you out.

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