The only captain to win the World Cup at the age of 24, every Indian will be proud to hear the name

In the cricket world, players are often able to make a place in their country's team at the age of 22-24 years. But today we are telling you about the only captain of the cricket world who had won the World Cup at the age of just 24 and made his country's name bright. Kapil Dev impressed everyone with his captaincy and his performance. He made a significant contribution to his team winning the World Cup for the first time by bowling and fielding along with his batting in that World Cup. He won the match alone based on his batting in one game. Kapil Dev ran his team to victory by taking a great catch. Proving all speculations and cricket pundits wrong, Kapil Dev, who won India One-Day Cricket World Cup in 1983 under his captaincy, openly answers his questions in the same way he used to play his strokes in his time.

Kapil Dev is a brilliant player, as well as an intelligent person. Indian team captain Kapil Dev was just 24 years old in the 1983 World Cup. In the final of the 1983 World Cup, Team India won its first World Cup title by defeating the West Indies team. This World Cup brought a memorable moment for India when it won the title for the first time. India defeated the two-time world champion West Indies for 140 runs in the final match and won the game easily. India won the game by 43 runs. India had a strong West Indies team in the final of the World Cup. Nobody expected the West Indies team to lose to India. Batting first in this final match, India were all out for 183 runs, and it seemed that the West Indies team would quickly achieve this goal. But that did not happen. At one time, the West Indies team seemed to be in a strong position by scoring 50 runs for one wicket. But only then did Mohinder Amarnath and Madanlal turn the dice and make the situation in West Indies fragile and put India in a strong position. The entire West Indies team was bowled out for 140 runs, and India became the winners of the World Cup for the first time. Sometime back in the 1975 World Cup, India was eliminated from the group level. Then in 1979, he performed poorly again and returned to the country after losing all three matches at the group level. After which the morale of the team was dropped.

The Indian cricket team only needed to improve their performance in their group stage matches to boost their morale. But the Indian team led by Kapil Dev had something else approved, and the team showed it. In 1983, under the leadership of Kapil Dev, the Indian team went to play the World Cup in England, and here they were only trying to do well at the group level. Nobody thought that Kapil's team would win the title by defeating the West Indies, but Honi had something else approved. When Kapil lifted the World Cup trophy at Lord's Balcony, the head of crores of Indians rose with pride. India made a big upset. How did you like our news? Please let us know by commenting in the comment box. Like and share this news of ours. Thank you.

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