6 Best Habits For Productivity and Getting Things Done

1. What small step I can take which will help me reach towards my goal

The biggest reason for procrastination is fear and anxiety that we feel while thinking of completing a task, major project, or any goal. If you are supposed to give a presentation, think about making your first slide. You want to improve your reading skills, make a goal of reading one page each day. You want to add exercise in routine, and hit the gym, make a small goal like, I will at least do 15 minutes of exercise each day. Because now, inside your brain, you have a small achievable goal so, you will not hesitate to initiate it and even will end up doing more than that many times. And the best part is, even though you are performing these small steps each day, you are going to achieve your goal much faster due to the compounding effect.

2. Adopt Minimalism

We are living in an era where television, social media, and other platforms are continually selling us the product and lifestyle that we don't need. Stop buying stuff to impress others or due to societal pressure. This need for approval from surrounding make you feel insecure and less confident about yourselves. Once you adopt minimalism, you will feel more focused, content, and satisfied with your life.

3. Win your mornings

It doesn't matter when you wake up in the morning, But once you woke up, do not spend one more minute in bed. Go for a run, jumping jacks, push-ups, skipping ropes, yoga, or any combination of exercises for the next 20 minutes. Exercise release endorphins chemical in your brain, which reduces stress and triggers a positive feeling in the body.

4. Train focus as a muscle in your body:

Like you train, your muscle over and over in the gym to gain strength, the same should be done with focus. Bring your focus back to the same thing again and again after getting distracted. One best way to train it is by meditation, where you bring your focus to breathing. In the beginning, you may get distracted very often, but keep forcing yourself to bring your focus back to one thing, and you will be amazed at how your efficiency and productivity improve.

5. Apply grit to work:

Force yourself to do things that you know are important, even if you don't want to. No amount of motivation and self-help books can help you achieve your goal until you bring discipline in your life. Force yourself to work one more hour, force yourself for one more rap in the gym, force yourself to do things which are important and necessary, whether you feel like doing it or not.

6. Take a proper diet:

Your food affects your mood. For cognitive optimization, our brain needs proper nutrition. Your brain uses omega- 3s (available in fish) to form the brain uses and nerve cells, and these fats are essential for learning and memory. Two main components in coffee caffeine and antioxidants help your brain to stay more alert. Many other foods like blueberries, peanuts, avocados also provide various minerals and vitamins, which are vital for brain health. Avoid junk food, sugar, and keep BMI at a healthy level.

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