"Thappad" Once but not justified

Tapped it's like many slaps are not seen in life it's not only on the face as on the soul, no one sees or knowingly wants to ignore that women bear all the pain and suffering and it's her work and order to do it. year by year changes but our thinking not modernized with due time. wherein the movie scene Amrita Tappsee Pannu's character where the dialogue " nahi maar sakta" because slap is a slap and not justified in any situation.

Amrita(Tapsee Pannu) played a housewife who cares for her family. wakes up early morning and pulls the curtain tightly as Vikram Gulati as her husband in the movie. She checks his mother's blood sugar and presenting breakfast at bed for husband. 

At one day at the party suddenly her husband fight over a shortchanged of a promotion with his colleague and when the fight happened Amrita want to handle the situation and He slapped her and remaining movie revolving around slap is not justified and it's not just a slap it's not forgotten and it was not right.

director's film's main motive to look at how the abuser felt and look. and the film revolves around many incidents in the film where many types of abusing happened to female characters where journalists rape his wife, a daily wage worker hits his wife to Vikram modern civilized man; it's so strange abusing in public and love in private. Thappad reveals serious problems to the one class that other society doesn't bother as she is not a human. This is inhuman on every one part. no one has the approval of abusing or beating to any gender or any type of violence to any gender.

At the conclusion: Thappad's powerful story revolves around the person look real as in our society as not look cartoonish or fiction. It looks like a real incident happens to some very own and feels the pain. It's a real slap to society mostly the people who said " Shaadi Mein sab chalta" and every time sacrifices from the women as she is the weaker one and no one understands that it's wrong. As in social issues our society never want to improve the mentality of thousand years.

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