Ten reasons why schools harm school mental health

This is true for almost everyone who reads that our daily lives are defined as children who go to school. We learned new things, etiquette and ways to get along with others, and made new friends. Isn't it fun? However, today's high schools have created a whole new meaning for young students. There are many reasons why American high schools can adversely affect the mental health of students. We will list ten reasons among them.




Most of us probably know at least one child who is studying in school, and they hope to have a class with good manners. Well, the American Association for Child Active Care found that 28 per cent of 12 per cent to 18-year-old children are bullied.  

Bullying is a major nuisance to students because it transforms the school from a healthy learning environment into an uncompromising country. If students cannot grow in a safe school, how can they learn? To make matters worse, with the increase in cyberbullying, the threat is greater than ever. If the victim is physically disturbed, they may worry about their immediate safety. It can also be frightening to notice a teacher or adult, especially when the bully threatens the adult even more viciously. A young student is easily bullied by the class. And, if bullies become a place related to beating schools or stealing your money or food, then why do kids go there just to study and work?



9. feet

When you walk through the lobby of a high school, you may see a group of boring students with endless circles in their eyes. Student responses to online surveys conducted by researchers can explain this. When asked how they feel at school, 39 per cent of the students just answered that they were tired. [2] If you don’t get up at 06:00 to get on the bus at 06:30, it will be difficult after class all day long. If you add extracurricular activities, stress, homework and deadlines, you may get tired quickly.

  Student fatigue may be caused by fewer exams and sleeping in the classroom (meaning you are falling behind in class), which becomes a vicious circle of catching up to the house and disappearing more time. For high school students, healthy sleep time is 9.5 hours, but on average, they can only sleep for 7.5 hours. If they don’t get enough sleep, then teenagers may become irritable, tired, and depressed, causing them to degrade.



8. panic attacks

Phobias may be one of the main causes of panic. If we study the school carefully, we will find that the number of students from one classroom to another seems endless. Drug use or other factors can also cause panic attacks. In any given year, 2-3 per cent of teenagers will have a panic attack. Learn effectively. Students with panic disorder are usually distracted or lose concentration during class, so when they are full of information, they can easily become overwhelmed. It is also possible to prevent panic attacks by worrying about upcoming events or things like tests, bad results being overturned.



7. mental illness

High school has a significant impact on the mental health of teenagers, and these factors are almost the same: stress, anxiety, fear, bullying, etc. Not surprisingly, more than 6 per cent of teenagers use psychiatric drugs. [7] Anything from depression to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can easily drag down students, making them unable to grasp what is happening in the classroom, making it easier to flip through notes and making it difficult to move forward. Tests or homework, or even dig a hole in your grades. For example, students with ADHD will have a hard time passing standardized tests, but because they have difficulty listening and paying attention in class, they will also complete basic tasks and homework. Compared with other students, it makes them have a lower understanding of intelligence, but in fact, it has nothing to do with their intellectual ability. The problem usually has nothing to do with your intelligence, but a lack of focus and motivation to pay more attention. Instead, because of their concerns, they gave up.



6. standard wrenches

The grades are tight, and going to school is more difficult than ever. Is it much better to evaluate students through a series of stress tests that may or may not determine their future? Let's see how many 13 to 18-year-old students suffer from test anxiety: 25 per cent  [5] If caught before an empty exam, one in four students will feel sweating, sweating or nauseous. Because of the importance of grades and grades given by American high schools, the situation will only get worse. If students fail the final exam, it may lead them to higher education and ultimately lead to their careers. If the test is so emphasized in the test, then if we get the wrong answer, it is easy to fail, which is normal. Standardized testing is a major academic failure for many reasons, one of which is that not all brain functions are the same. The fact that a student has a better memory than another does not define his intelligence.



5. Angus

In high school, students may face many anxiety situations, such as deadlines, social relationships, fear of failure, etc. Students are afraid to think, remember and take too many things. And it did not improve; the anxiety of the teenagers increased. [7] Stress makes it very difficult to work, cope with school and establish healthy social relationships, and this relationship that we often forget is very important for the growth of children. In many ways, the challenges faced by high school students only make the situation worse, social relations in schools become more and more difficult, and oral reports are required in many subject areas. Anxious students will feel very frustrated with the idea of ​​presenting their work to the class. To be honest, even for those who have not yet suffered from anxiety, speaking in front of a crowd is not always easy.



4. depression

It's hard for teenagers not to go to school. It can make students unhappy and frustrated for weeks or months. Many students can increase and decrease work pressure, finding that emptiness consumes their energy. They are increasingly isolating themselves from school, teachers, everything, destroying their mental health, and of course their grades. The fatigue that teenagers often experience in school only makes things worse. One in five teenagers experiences depression before reaching adulthood. [Age] In extreme cases, depression can hurt yourself or even lead to suicide. In some cases, financial problems may also be the cause. However, it is difficult to estimate how many people suffer from depression, because many depressed students do not want to help or talk to anyone. Depression is a recognized mental disorder that occurs more often than we thought, and it is not limited to students. If you feel frustrated, consult an expert. Don't be alone.



3. Tasks

Well, homework is a required course for many high school teachers. This is not an interesting activity. It usually includes some exercises to prepare students for the next exam. According to a survey conducted by the University of Phoenix, high school students must do an average of 17.5 hours of homework per week. [College] A lot of homework usually leads to late-night, stress and fatigue, not to mention the pressure of doing a good job, assigning work on time, and so on. Therefore, they cannot afford the cost of mere resignation. Otherwise, everything must happen. . . I think homework is bad for children, just because they need time to rest for the growing brain. Students who have spent a whole day in school should not go to work again. It is unhealthy and very exhausting for young people. Also, overloading children with homework will only be offensive, because they will work all night and feel tired, and they will feel tired at school the next day.

2 Voltage

Stress is common in high school. There are many opportunities to reveal this. For students, the overall pressure of "doing well in school and finding a good job" can be very difficult. Then there will be many important life choices during high schools, such as finding a university and what students want to do in the future. It will last forever, and it may bring a lot of pressure. Then there are deadlines, tasks, social anxiety, titles, etc. A study conducted by New York University found that 49 per cent of high school students feel a lot of stress every day. [4] Stress can make it difficult for students to think correctly, perform well and even act on tests. Elite high school students are selected into the most prestigious universities, and they are under greater pressure to succeed and achieve better grades and grades. But stress can make things worse, especially when it comes to adulthood.



1.Social integration


A sense of belonging is an important factor for any worker in any workplace, not just students. Feeling bad is very detrimental to someone's happiness. To make them feel happy and safe, students need to feel like they are in school. Otherwise, it may damage your work, mental health or both. Imagine if more than half of high school students are not busy with school. That would be catastrophic, right? Gallup polls show that only 44 per cent of high school students feel connected to the school. Here, students can learn to teach together, make friends and work with others. If teenagers are uncomfortable in this environment, how can they learn the necessary social skills to live a healthy life? High schools are often described as hostile to those who are not "mass". If only 44 per cent of students feel at home and feel safe at school, it is not the students' fault. This is the school's fault. This school is the home of many students with mental illness. If American high schools change their ways soon, their condition will not be better. Many countries have successfully created a healthy learning environment. For example, Finland cancelled standardized examinations for students (except for the final exams of the senior year) and has since achieved surprising results. writing.


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