Surat traders opposing GST, earn profits of crores by closing factories

9When the goverment of india implemented Gst , most of the traders of surat protested even the closed factories for three month and one of the reasons for thr strike was that there was no tax on sarees before but the goverment on sarees 5 Persent gst was imposed , that it is why the traders of surat went to strike and paid there artisans with out any work till the strike went on.

After this time ,this tax will be applied to the old goods as well. This is where merchants of surat went on strike and when they do not make new goods, then the old goods will be sold. That is why first they five percent gstof jhon's old goods .but the had to give it,

Due the unity of surat traders,they did not make any new goods because of the unity among the surat traders, so the old goods of the surat traders were sold all over and they implemented  a rule before the wholesaler could make this old goods. Surat will not clear the payment untill they get new goods,as soon as the implementation of this rule,surat traders recover billions rupees in the market happened and they implemented new rules and new clauses which reduced the time of borrowing as much as it got.

Billion the rupees recovered in the market and they introduced new rules and new clauses which reduced the borrowing time so much moneu got stuck in the market when it was all over. Then they ended the strike and started the factories  manufecturing the sarees surat traders started benefiting their mind.

Even leaders of poltical partyCould not read the stretegy of surat, traders they thought we would get benifit from it, against the  oppisition of bjp,but in the opposite election,theopposition did not get a single seat.

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