Rules of life, as soon as some kabaddi games touch the line of success, people start pulling your feet, big or small, everyone thinks that what people will say ruins their dreams, thinking what people will say before every start Stop thinking that what people will say is not afraid of losing, but the fear is that what people will say, what will the four people say, why worry about this? Thou alive why life is not the world you want to do what he must do, because people still mustSome will say when you do nothing good, what is bad, people will say the same, when people have told the truth, those who will tell the truth today are changing to sheep all the time, whereas those who are together today, they will not be with tomorrow. Nothing goes, those who do it are amazing, who cannot find the answers, they only question others. People definitely say be happy, but if you have the pleasure to be happy then don't remember your happiness. Medari just take your pay is not so important that he stripped smile on your faceIf you look back in life, you will get experience, if you look forward in life, you will get hope, if you look left and right, you will get the truth, but if you look inside, you will get confidence, if you keep reminding yourself, you are going to remind yourself that you are still living on the age, which is the ground But they have yet to get up and answer. I am going to get to the destination on the journey of the floor. It is yet to be discussed that two people have succeeded in defeating me. The noise is still to be made, let the time be arbitrary, my time is yet to comeThe questions that I am considering as a loser are yet to be answered by all of them. I am playing. As soon as the curtain falls on the stage of the character's life, there is still nothing left, nothing has yet to be achieved.

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Attaurrehman - Feb 13, 2020, 2:57 PM - Add Reply

Life is good luck

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Ashu - Feb 15, 2020, 12:16 PM - Add Reply


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