Stunning benefits are found in lemon juice.

Lemon juice has many properties, it is very useful for us.


 Lemon juice is not less than a boon for us. Lemon has many benefits for us. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which increases our body's ability to fight many types of diseases. Many types of mineral elements are found in the juice of the body which benefit our body.


 Dryness is cured by the consumption of lemon. Taking lemon juice and honey one tola provides relief in asthma.


 Lemon juice brightens skin


 Taking salt mixed with lemon juice improves skin color and enhances beauty. To enhance the beauty of the skin, one should massage the skin with lemon juice. Migraine is cured by applying lemon paste on the forehead.



 Cure itching and ringworm


 If you have a disease like itching or ringworm, then lemon juice can prove to be very beneficial for you, for this, you should mix powdered salmon powder in lemon juice and apply it in the affected area, so that your skin disease Will be completely over.


 Remove baldness


 Applying ground seeds of lemon ends baldness. If you have hair problems, then massage the lemon juice on your hair for half an hour, then wash it with shampoo before bathing, this will make your hair stronger.


 Mix two drops of lemon in two teaspoons of almond oil and apply it to the wound several times a day with the help of cotton, the wound will heal very soon. Applying a paste of lemon peel on the forehead, the migraine is cured.


 Remove stone juice lemon juice


 Drinking one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil before breakfast every day gets rid of stone, to avoid stone disease, we should also consume Chetan oil along with lemon juice.


 Useful ingredients are found in lemon juice


 Lemon juice contains high amount of vitamin C. Apart from this, it contains rich elements like vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein and carbohydrate. Experts say that if the gums bleed, then apply lemon juice to the affected area. With this, the gums become healthy and many other diseases occurring in the mouth can be cured with lemon juice.



 Lemon is very beneficial for skin disease


 Drinking lemon juice mixed with water also prevents skin diseases, so the skin keeps on glowing, nail pimples also remove it and prevents wrinkles.


 Lemon contains vitamin C


 If the amount of vitamin C in the body decreases, then there can be problems like anemia, joint pain, dental disease, pyorrhea, cough and asthma. Lemon has a very high vitamin C quality. Therefore, it helps you to stay away from these diseases.


 Fix every stomach problem


 If you have stomach upset, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, drinking a little parsley, cumin, asafoetida, black pepper and salt mixed with lemon juice will give you a lot of relief. Applying ground peel of lemon on the forehead is useful for a Migraine.  


 Lemon heals fever


 If you are feeling tired or have pain in your back and arms due to fever in summer, you still have lemon remedy. Take one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with ten drops of basil leaves, four black pepper and two pepper powder. Take it twice a day as a dose.


 Lemon removes acne


 Acne is a common problem on the face. To remove it, rub sandalwood in lemon juice and apply. If there is shingles, then grind the icing in this paste, you will get relief.


 Lemon fills the body with energy


 Many times the body feels very tired after traveling long distances. In this case, squeeze two lemons in a glass of water and soak 50 grams of raisins in it. After soaking overnight, churn the raisins in the morning. Drink this water four times a day. This will provide energy and body fitness will also be maintained.


 Lemon sleeps well

 Many times do not sleep due to excessive fatigue and turbulence. If you too are struggling with this problem, then adopt Lemon Remedy. Massage mustard oil on your hands, feet, forehead, ears and ears before sleeping at night. After this, grind the cloves in a little lemon juice and lick it. By doing this you will sleep very quickly.


 Reduce obesity with lemon


 Obesity is troubling every other person these days. To get rid of this, mix lemon juice and some salt in radish juice and take it regularly. Obesity will be away


 Lemon juice increases memory


 If memory has become weak, then grind kernel, dry ginger powder and sugar candy and mix it with lemon juice. Then lick it gently with the finger.


 Lemon helps to improve face


 Everyone wants to look beautiful. If you want this too, prepare lotion by mixing one spoon gram flour, half a teaspoon wheat flour, half a teaspoon rose water and half a teaspoon lemon jui ce. Rub it gently on the face. In a few days, your face will be brightened.





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