Social media and our Life

If we try to comparison the ancient life with present life,you will feel a big difference between them,whatever we think about the food purity ,drinking  or moving style totaly changed.

Its all over depends on the science and technology who is saving our lives and make our life more comfortable like Winter season in which you can maintain your living temprature on other hand in summer you you can adjust yourself in suitable temprature.

Fast food which are not take more time ,ready in just 2 or 3 minutes to deliver custumer that made possible solution facing our lives now.

Five years ago life was not so fast as now and i believe it will go under more devolpments.No dout population is increaseing last century asit become difficult exam or challenge for world to fulfil the needs , poverity is high level in most pa as papulated coutries like india ,which is facing many problem to control over poverity. Social media provided them better job that avoiding the hand and mouth problems.

Negativity on social media or porn website are harmful to our mind growth mostly genration search these web site and forget their future planing what's they thought to groom or doing something new.

Develop coutries like china or America are made their economy strong to net world. And they offering free education made a plan to facings challenge etc .social media is plateform for gaining knowledge ,it depend on person how they behavewith theirselves putting self against or accepted sll challenges.

If talk about the cloth which is facilty to cover the body ,but when we look anxien p we ople having no these fancy botiques or brande cloth life is totally changed ,over all age value is minimize our life wishes to filling this it is impossible.if you want something gain ,then you must wait for something loosing.

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