Smashing the age barrier


One day , I went to my friend's house.His father in law was a reputed lawyer of his time, and I had some ancestral property dispute.But ,to my surprise he was not keeping well.The person whom I knew was totally different from the person I just met.The person who was "an illustrious judge"was circumscribed to a room with only a few things for his use.When I greeted him, he returned my greeting with an unmistakable grin.Then I began explaining the reason of my visit to him.But, without paying much attention,he merely added-"I don't practice now, and all the work related law is now being examined by my son, you can seek his advice."But,uncle I want to treat my case in a very safe hand, please make me win".But he reluctantly said,"no, it is not my age to do work, I have gone above seventy.So I need to take a rest now". And I left the place forlorn,and started thinking- "Does age really matter".Being both mentally and physically fit in old age is partly a matter of luck, it also has something to do with character.Life is an act;not to act is death.There must be action in life always "Not to work is to don't work for money;you work to satisfy your desire to extend help,to contribute and be happy giving the world your best". Think of it this way: if growing old is as bad as is sometimes claimed, how come so many people do it? Don't care, so old you are.......God can still use you. "Those who stand still,die" is one of Manoel de oliveira'sfavorite phrases.Every year,De Oliveira shoots a film and is currently working on his next project. "You have to work, work, work in order to forget that death is not far away"he said. Along with the architect Oscar Niemeyer (103), Nobel laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini (101) and director Kurt Maetzig (100), De Oliveira is one of those people of whom it would be very wrong to think are members of a listless elderly generation. Dr. Robert Lowry, renowned for many accomplishments as a Christian musician, first undertook the serious study of music after turning 40. Fanny Crosby was forty-three when she found her life’s work – she wrote her first Gospel song. So many songs followed, under so many different pen-names, that no one could keep track of them. There are many such achievers in india too ,who without counting their age added a new meaning to their life. Zohra Sehgal is an Indian actress and choreographer,who started her career as a dancer with Uday Shankar in1935 and worked with him for the next 8 years.She got the lead character at the age of 90 around whom the story revolved in 2002 film *chalo Ishq ladaaye*,where she had stunt sequences emotional scenes, etc.. Ashis Roy is the first man from India to run 100 marathons.He ran his first marathon at the age of52,and completed his 109th marathon on may1, 2011 at78.He is a cardiologist,and the author of "The joy of running.And he took his marathon tally to 133 as he ran in the the rock'n' Roll Philadelphia half marathon with his 41-year old daughter. Mr Chander Dhawan,87 year pictographer was honoured by help age ,lndia who travelled to Leh via road from Manali at the age of 82, added a new meaning to his retired life. Nirmala Narula now 78 years young are part of many meaningful projects initiated by non-profit public foundations including organizations like the ford foundations that maintained the larger vision of implementing programmes for the welfare of the country. So,instead of lamenting the past that is lost forever,it is never too late to move into overdrive.The present is ours to charge with defiant faith. And ,if you're ninety-one and still don't know what you' ll do when you grow up,throw a party. So,if you 've graduated from make-up to poly-filler,hang on to your dentures,it's ministry time.

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