slow death of democracy in India

I am an Indian citizen who was born in a free nation, I was told this only. I thought that everyone who was born after 1947 is a citizen of our country and does not have to prove it by any means, irrespective of whichever religion he or she belongs to. Now I am a Hindu but do not have any problem with anybody who is not a Hindu. But this is not how everyone thinks, sure everyone has the right to like or dislike someone but we have no right to dismiss someone from our country just because of religion or because you don't like them. According to me the central government of our country which is said to be secular needs to have a broader perspective. But sadly the whole base on which our government is standing is made of hatred. They did come in with a different agenda though but after coming in power they shifted their agenda to attacking minorities and saving Hindus from everyone else, because suddenly after 2014 we are so much in danger. Now we have no problems like poverty, unemployment, failing economy, farmer's suicides, crimes against women, etc, etc but all we need to do on an urgent basis is to get rid of minorities asap. Multiple attempts have been made previously to put them down and impress Hindus already like getting a bill passed in the assembly against triple talaq, removing 370 from Kashmir and putting all its renowned leaders under house arrest, not uttering a word against the mob lynching which took place multiple times on different parts of the country and finally imposing CAA which many are against because of its discriminatory nature. And those who speak against it or other partialities or the government is said to be antinational or urban naksal etc. In short, India is not a secular, democratic nation at least currently and I hope and pray that this nuisance ends soon.

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