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Hello, guys, thank you for viewing my article, and you will learn about how to save from Corona because it is spread all over the world it is very harmful to humans. Hence, please, guys, always wash your hand make a distance between your parents, your friends, and neighbors and between your partner and other people and always wear a mask if you play outside with your friends. The virus has infected 100000 50000 hours of 60000 people all over the world; it is very dangerous for humanity. So please, guys, always wash your hands if you sneeze use your tissue paper blanket so you can save from the virus. First of all, if you want to defeat the virus, you have to make your immunity system secure. If you're going to make your immunity system healthy, then we have to eat vitamin c fruits daily e have a cup of orange juice and do not eat cold water chhapra so you can easily defeat the virus and make yourself safe.


The Coronavirus has infected 196 countries all over the world and one international conveyance.  The ratio of Coronavirus affecting all over the world is increasing. In India, there are 500 cases 37 cases are recovering, and 463 as 464 cases are are are still an isolated place. They are ten death by the disease of Coronavirus in India. In Russia, there are 800 lions free on the road of the country for the people's stay at home Om because of the Coronavirus. If you don't have a sanitizer. If you want to make a sanitizer, then you have 3 three items first doctor spirit second Dettol liquid, and the third item is one upon 2 liters boiled water to mix them. First, take two big spoon spirits, two big spoon Dettol liquid, and mix the boiled water and shake it for 30 seconds.


Then your sentence has been ready to use for you and your family to share the news with your family with your friends with your neighborhood and everyone whom you know no and tell them to spread the news. It is handy for the people who are don't know about the sanitizer how to make it at home by using three items. In India, the Prime Minister of India has locked down for three days to be safe from Coronavirus, and our people of India have over the rules of government and doing what the government says because it is necessary for people. And the last thing is guys always wash your hands wash your clothes and be concerned about your family e because this virus doesn't give you time to be safe to be a cure within the knowledge of a stage of this disease. So that's why I am telling you about the Coronavirus. You have to wash your hands daily IIT little heart foods and have some vitamin c so that you can build your immunity system strong so that it doesn't attack you. Thank you

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