Re-watching Spiderman Trilogy

Recently I got bored. There are a lot of movies coming out. I watched some new superhero movies and got bored. Then I felt like watching old movies. I checked a list of movies that came out from 2000-2010 and stumbled into the Spider-man trilogy. The original Spider-man Trilogy that I watched and loved when I was a kid but I could only remember a few scenes from it. I rewatched the first two movies and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I recalled a lot of things I have forgotten about the movie. I also gained a lot of new perspectives on the movie after rewatching it. I haven't rewatched Spider-man 3 so I wouldn't be talking about it. I will be talking about the first two movies.




Peter and Marie Jane Watson

So the movie is about Peter Parker played by Togue Maguire who is a science nerd. He is shown as an underdog who is bullied by almost everyone which is clearly shown in the first scene when he is chasing the bus and everybody is laughing at him. Everybody in high school bullies him except this one girl named Marie Jane Watson who coincidentally happens to be his neighbor. At the beginning of the movie when peter is narrating about his life we get to know that he is in love with this girl. He has a hard time revealing his feeling for her. Teenagers have this sort of feeling when they are at high school and they have some sort of crush and they feel it very hard to express it in fear of rejection. I feel like this movie captured this pretty well. The Actors did a phenomenal job in this. It feels really relatable when Peter is alone with Marie Jane and he can't express it. So he just makes an excuse to talk with her by taking her picture.


And I really like the build-up in their love relationship from the first Spiderman movie to the second. Marie gets saved by Spiderman a lot of times from Green Goblin which causes Marie to fall in love with spiderman. Around the last scene, Marie also falls in love with Peter. It was really fun to see Marie falling in love with spiderman and Peter who are the same person but she doesn't realize it. I feel like in spiderman two there were something about Marie Jane that was seen kinda off like when she gets really harsh on Peter for not attending her show.


Yeah, seemed kinda off from a woman who has been using a fun girl defense mechanism where she switches off from a sad girl who had an abusive father to someone who acts like a very fun person. And at the end of the movie of spiderman two Marie finds out that Peter Parker is Spiderman and that explains why Peter wasn't able to attend her shows and her expressions show that she is really happy to be with Peter.




Now the villains are absolutely great. I didn't really care much about green goblin because I found the power ranger type villain costume pretty lame. I absolutely loved Dr. Octavia. I feel like he is a really relatable villain. A scientist who has been working to make the world full of free energy fails and results in the death of his wife. The octopus-like hand looks extremely realistic and I think It was pretty practical.

The way he turns from a scientist who wanted to help humanity into a complete monster is pretty interesting. When his projects become a complete failure and he has broken down the machine hands that he built takes control of his mind and make him into a complete monster. His motivation was always good and, in the end, he dies by saving the world from solar power by drowning it in the river. "I won't die a monster" gives me goosebumps.

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