Real Madrid defeat against Real sociedad

Real Madrid match against real sociedad was amazing.Real Madrid lost the match but was amazing match.The score was 0-0 on first 20 minutes of the half.On 22nd minute real sociedad player M.odegaard scored a great goal and real sociedad lead by 1-0.The first half ended at 1-0.On the start of 2nd half at 54th minute A.Isak scored a goal.Again on 56th minute he scored an astonishing goal.Real sociedad lead by 3-0.Real Madrid were in great trouble.Marcelo scored 1st goal for Madrid in the match on 59th minute.The scores were 3-1.Then again on 69th minute real sociedad player M.merino scored a great goal.The scores were 4-1.Real Madrid player rodrygo scored on 81st minute. The scores became 4-2.The 90 minutes were over.6 minutes were given as extra time.Nacho scored for his team on 93rd minute.The scores became 4-3.Real Madrid were only 1 goal away.On 95th minute real sociedads player A.gorosabel got a red card.Refree blews the final whistle.Match ended in 4-3.Real Madrid lost the match.Real Madrid coach said this after the match.Asked how this result might affect the momentum with this loss ending a 21 match undefeated run.Zidane was optimistic "it hurts of course but this doesn't change anything and we'll continue in the same way ".He said " Now we think about Monday's match(against Osasuna) We need to think about laliga now.We also need to spend time recovering because we put in more effort here.This doesn't feel like leganaes elimination two years ago. It was different today. We need to lift our heads and keep going. Zidane made many rotations for this game.Some of them were forced but still more changes than worst were expected. Finally he was asked about VAR he said "The referee has to wait There's nothing that can be done about that". The match was amazing. Everyone should watch that match amazing. 

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