Will Madrid fans ever speak about the scary story behind Real 11 - 1 Barcelona the EL-CLASSICO match?

Will Madrid fans ever speak about the scary story behind Real 11 - 1 

Which is the biggest win in the history of El Clasico? Madrid fans will proudly say, 11-1. This match was the second leg of the 1943 Copa del Rey semifinals. In the first leg, Barcelona won 3-0. So does a team get so bad in a week that they will score 11 goals? No, behind it were all horrible incidents, stories of shame. Which Madridista never says. Today I will tell you that story.

For this, we have to go a little further back. In 1935, General Francisco Franco revolted against the elected government of Spain. The Spanish Civil War began. Franco was a right-wing, Spanish nationalist. His fight was against the left. At the beginning of the battle, Franco's soldiers captured Barcelona club president Joseph Senior. Daniel was a left-wing Catalan politician and anti-Franco. Franco's soldiers killed him. Barcelona has long suffered from its effects. Then in 1939, Franco seized power in Spain.

After seizing power, Franco introduced Spanish nationalism. Stopped the practice of language and culture in other Spain (e.g., Catalan or Bosk) (like West Pakistan during the Pakistan period). And like all dictators, the opposition (left) began to suppress with rough hands (murder, disappearance). The newspaper imposed censorship and made everything Madrid based. Naturally, the Catalans did not like it.


Moreover, ninety percent of Catalans were leftist. Thus, the wrath of Madrid's ruling class descended on them. At that time, the only stadium for the Barca football team was the Catalan's breathing space. There they would open their minds, speak the Catalan language, sing songs, and fly the Catalan national flag. And the football team was the symbol of their protest.


Barcelona's victory meant a victory over the rulers, an expression of the Catalan independence spirit. The Barcelona football club became a means of responding to all injustices. At that time, Barcelona became the "Mes Queen Club" or "More Than a Club."
So when Real Madrid came to play against Barca in June 1943, the whole match gave the Real players a boo and a whistle. Barcelona won the game 3-0. Upon arrival in Madrid, the players complained about Barca spectators and referees. One report after another was published in Marca, saying that the Catalans were Franco's enemies. Enemy of Spanish nationalism. The fire of hatred was burning all over Madrid.


The Catalans were banned from coming to Madrid for the second leg. The Barca team felt the heat as soon as they set foot in Madrid. On the way from the hotel to the field, it rained heavily on the bus. Before the start of the game, Franco's security chief came to Barca's dressing room. He said in a cold voice, remember, you are still playing football at our mercy. Otherwise, there is no patriotism among you. Barca players then feared for their lives.

The Barcelona players took to the field with the sound of a terrible whistle. Believe it or not, this whistle was given by the President of Madrid for free with a ticket. The spectators started throwing coins like rain in the field. The Barca goalkeeper could never stand in the goal line. As soon as he stood up, various things were thrown at him, and he was dying.


Once a glass bottle did not hit his head for a while. Barca scored two goals in 30 minutes. Bento Garcia was then shown a red card for a minor foul, leaving Barcelona at the helm. Then in 15 minutes, Madrid scored six more goals and went ahead 6-0 in the first half. In the words of Real Moore, Bara wasn't just playing poorly; they weren't playing.


According to him, in that horrible environment and a referee who did not listen to any anesthesia, no man could play. Barca conceded three more goals in the second half, ending the game at 11-1. Soon after the match, Real Madrid became the ruling team, and Barcelona became the exploiting team.
Barcelona and Real Madrid first met in 1902. However, the tension between them did not start at that time. It was not that much competition. Until the thirties, this excitement was in derby matches. For example, Real vs.


Atletico and Barcelona vs. Espinel. Later that June 1943, things changed forever. After that, the Barca-Real game means more than just a football match between two teams. The struggle of exploiting the ruler, the battle of culture, the struggle of political beliefs. So 11-1 is not just a big win-lose story—rather the development of the beginning of an everlasting rivalry.

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