Pollution fact file

Pollution happened when unwanted gases and other materials escape into the environment. It causes waste, financial losses, coma, and damage to human, animal, and plant health. Use growth in industry and the world's population in the last hundred years had lead to more and more industrial processes and people. Deliberate dumping and accident such as oil spillage have severely affected the earth's air, land, and water. 

Now we talk about various types of pollution that harm our Mother earth ÷ 

1.Air pollution 

Some gases and particles in the air may be dangerous to health if breathed in. Most air pollution games from Burning fossil fuels (Coal, Oil, and gases) and solid waste, or from gases released into the air year by different processes. One of the worst is carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust. It is poisonous to humans because it prevents the absorption of oxygen. Another is nitrogen oxide, which reacts with sunlight to produce dance moves (a combination of smoke and fog ). Tobacco smoke also damages health – even breathing in other people's smoke is harmful.

2.Acid rain 

Acid rain was first identified in the 19th Century. It is caused when nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and another chemical from a volcanic eruption and human sources combine with rain and Folic acid on land or into rivers and lakes. The strength of acidity in the storm various, but at its worst, it can damage buildings, kill fishes, and harm trees and other plants. Example- one of the famous monuments of India Taj Mahal was also affected by this acid rain. It is becoming yellowish color, and the Government of India is also taking stringent action to prevent acid rain so that it can not affect the monuments.

3.Global Warming 

Global Warming and the greenhouse effect were first described in 1896 by Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius. Greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, water vapor, and methane, help to trap heat and stop too much of it escaping into space. Without these gases, the earth would not be warm enough for us to live on. 

      The problem is that more and more greenhouse gases have been released into the atmosphere from human activities, and during the 20th Century and a further rise of even a couple of degree will damage its natural balance full stop polar ice caps will melt, sea level will rise, and many areas will be flooded. Changing climate will also affect plants and animals, which might not be able to adapt quickly enough to new conditions.

4.Land pollution 

Soil can be damaged by the dumping of chemical, toxic (poisonous) coma radioactive and other waste as well as the overuses of pesticides and fertilizers. All heated land is unsafe for people for animals to live on and for growing food plants.

5.Water pollution 

Increasing quantities of heavy metals such as Mercury and it, Chemicals, sewage, and oil spills are polluting lakes, ok, rivers and oceans. Water in some places is safe to drink or even Baat in as a result, and animals are harmed or killed.

The pollution is increasing day by day, and it is harming our dangerous ecosystem manner. So we have to take various actions against it to reduce pollution and governments are also making multiple efforts to reduce the pollution

The following are the action taken by the government of the world to reduce pollution. 

Reversing Pollution 

Many countries have become much more aware of pollution and the damage it can cause and ate a connection to reduce it – for example, laws have been passed in Britain and other countries to cut lead In petroleum and paint. Clean air laws have reduced pollution in cities such as London, and scientist is looking at a way of making vehicles that do not burn fossil fuels. People and businesses are heavily fined for dumping waste and Chemicals. However, pollution is still used problem, and there is a lot more still to be done before it is solved.

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