Planet of Inauspicious " Saturn " According to Astrology.......

Planet of Inauspicious " Saturn " according to Astrology.....


People fear from " Saturn " in astrology but it is not react nagetive in all zodiacs. Its losing sense of belonging, losing this alertness can also mean a decreas in awareness of wordly things. Thus, the planet Saturn is indicative of restraint, asceticism, inner spiritual spirit and apathy towards the physical being in existence. Saturn's planet is considered harmful.


It is an indicator of longevity, stinginess, sorrow, mourning, old age and death. Along with this planet is a discipline, restraint, limitation, obligation, delayed ambition, a sense of entitlement to leadership, humiliation, morality, honesty and experience born with wisdom, rejection, lack of emotion, spirituality, hard work, perseverance.


The nature of Saturn is air, the color is blue and the jewel is a Sapphire of blue. All black stones are also symbols of Saturn's metal is lead. Saturn is ease and the day is Saturday. Its effects occur at the age of thirty five years ( 35 years ). Worshiping this God on Saturday can ease the odds. One has to experience devotees in one and a half days Saturn is giving good fruit to the devotee who is sincere. And everyone benefits.


The color of Saturn is blue which enhances your spirituality, relieves anxiety, increases firm resolve, and increase negative mood by removing negative thoughts. The purulent chakra of the gland is associated with the blue color. This chakra is the center of our decisions. The fifth chakra of fitness shows how honestly a person expresses his or her thoughts.


The way we talk about our choices, the choices we make in our lives affect our energy cycle ( energy chakra ). We often feel overwhelmed by the throat of deciding not to stop anger, to speak up, not to express our desire. This happens especially when we do not know what to say and whether to tell the truth or not. The challenge of the vocal chakra is that the person can truly express his or her thinking. To desire the truth.


The color features personal expression, creativity, addiction, criticism, faith, decision making, perseverance, lack of authority, communication power, motivation, wisdom, confidence, goodness, truth, freedom, etc. The best place for Saturn " OM " is the east wall. Saturn is the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius.

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