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1. Choosing Processor:- This is the most important step to choose your computer processor. If you are budgeter then you should always go for AMD with their fabulous series of Ryzen. AMD is killing Intel with its more core and threads but cheaper than Intel. Eg. Ryzen 5 3600 beats Intel i7 8th generation and obviously cheaper than i7 8th gen. But you don't have an issue with money and you just want a great gaming experience there is one processor by Intel which is i9. i9 with 10th gen is great and best CPU for gaming no words for this CPU. But the price of i9 is high but still, it is leading in gaming. Otherwise, I will say AMD is best. And most important this is AMD CPU's are overclockable and it gives you 1.5x or 2.0x more performance. 

2. Graphics card:- Graphics card is king of your PC. No graphic card means no performance. Now here also comes some issue of budget. At mid-range graphics card, there are graphics cards like Nvidia 1060(6GB)/1060ti, Nvidia 1660/1660 super/1660ti(6GB), AMD Radeon RX 570(4GB), Radeon RX 580(8GB), Radeone RX 590(8GB). And these mid-range graphic cards are starting from 18,000 Rs.-30,000. Now comes high range graphic card, here king is Nvidia with their 2000 series of graphic card. If you are buying graphic card in high range make sure that you are buying Asus Graphic cards with 3 fans. They are best and 3 fan make your graphic card cool. This range start from 35,000 Rs.-50,000 Rs. Now comes highest range of graphic cards of range 50,000 to 2,00,000Rs. They are RTX 2060ti(11GB),Nvidia titan RTX (24GB), Nvidia RTX 2080/ 2080ti (11GB), Nvidia GTX 1080/1070. And at last graphic cards named Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000(48GB), Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000(24GB), Nvidia Titan V (12GB). Rates of This card start at 3,50,000 - 7,00,000 Rs. But make sure if you are buying budget CPU then you should buy budget graphic card, if you are buyinh processors like i9 then RTx 2060 ti is good you can also buy graphic card of highest range for powerful CPU's.

3. Monitor :- Most of people ignores choosing monitor and later they get fraustrated because monitor dont gives them picture quality and they start to change their CPU's and GPU's. You Have to choose your Monitor for gaming atleast of 60Hz refresh rate. 144Hz refresh rates is best for gaming. Budget Gamers should choose 60Hz monitor for PC after they can buy new with savings. 

4. Motherboard :- Motherboard is also important component of PC. For budget gamers you can choose AOUROS series of Gigabyte. Higher range of motherboard then higher your processing speed. And while choosing motherboard for your CPU make sure it match your model and make sure it has updated BIOS. In high range motherboard comes with 4 RAM slots, 1/2 Graphic card slot.

5. Water coolers / Air coolers :- Basically, coolers are used for CPU beacause sometimes coolers comes with processors are not powerful therefore, you hve to buy coolers. For ceap cooler thier is option which is Air coolers, they are cheap in price. But if you want good cooling then definately you should buy water coolers. Water coolers are of two type. 1. Reular water cooler, 2. Custom Water coolers. These comes with RGB lighting which makes your PC amazing to look. Custom water coolers are litarally amazing for high end PC.

6. CPU Cabinate :- If you are not gamer and you are buying for your workstation then you dont have to buy RGB case, you can buy a simple case. But if you are gamer and graphic designer then you can buy RGB CPU case. Normally RGB cas starts from 4,000/5,000 Rs. You can buy RGb CPU strips, they can make your case amazing. 

7. SMPS :- SMPS is important for your PC. Most of people ignore them. SMPS gives your computer sufficient power. If you are using high end PC and buy a cheap SMPS then it can cause system crash which is not good for your processor. So confirm which SMPS to buy with help of technisian.

8. Mouse and Keyboard :- For gamers thet should choose machanical keyboard and mouse which give you experience like beast. For budget gamers they can choose Keyboard + Mouse combo of Cooler master Devastator series. Dont go for brands like Red dragon, Cosmic Byte and others. Go for standard brands.


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