Oh no it's revenge (India versis Newzealand)

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No discussing about the topic that we are chosen today that is the about the cricket series being played between India and New Zealand, then we have seen a number of changes and it and it can be said that transition hasting change has taken place as far as the performance of New Zealand team is concerned. In the current 3 match ODI series I have outclassed the Virat Kohli lead Indian cricket team and remain on the top in all the three departments that is batting bowling and fielding during the first two games of the three match ODI series. Some might say that India to have had a number of changes today we are not playing with Rohit Sharma that may be a reason behind India's ordinary performance in the games but is it really true, we have a strong bench strength which is capable of performing as and when required we have Manish Pandey who have shown is talent the T20 series, Shreyas Iyer is a brilliant batsman. Thus we can say that the team should not have let the situations shift towards their opponent that is New Zealand, they should have shown some brilliant, after winning T20 series they should not have thing that it's over now. At present India under pressure that under tremendous pressure when you lost first 2 games in any series then you found yourself sunk at the pressure what we can say under natural pressure that gets created by the fans by the media or by all cricket lovers. Sometimes it seems that Virat Kohli is the only driving force behind the team. He always seems to be energetic,in the first ODI when India was under pressure at one stage when the New Zealand batsman batting brilliantly then he was the only guy that I found to be responsible and he shows his responsibility study creation is passion towards cricket through his fielding.He is the only man in the team who always try to give 100%. Now only one match of the series is remaining,so here we are at a stage when it is impossible to win the series but a single moment is enough to push yourself so as to perform brilliantly in the coming situations. They need to show the talent team has. They need to get the results that this team filled with talented players deserve. They should not lose hope, they should have a look oh that way they have played the T20 series and should come to the field with positive mind set. They have another chance of winning the series in the test match series is it going to be played in upcoming days. So they should not lose hope they should fight this battle till end.

 Life is also like a cricket match one day you are at the top and the other day it is hard to find where you live. Life is a game of ups and downs, so work hard and aim for the best.

So it's all over for today, we will meet you soon with some other topics related to our life.


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