Need For Counselling before Board Exams

When board exams approach, schools work hard to prepare their students for succeding in them. Extra classes are held, more assignments are given and mock tests called 'pre board' exams are hel. But what many schools do no attempt is devising mechanisms to de-stress the students, by organising workshops or counselling sessions.

For this task, they need the help of professionals counsellors. Such counsellors identify students who are stressed and help them release the anxiety and fear factors attached with exams. Such students anxiety levels automatically start building up during this part of the year. The system has become so competitive that despite the schools not wanting to burden children with studies, they end up allowing the students to enrol for coaching classes and tuitions.

Many children get nervous before the board exams, which affects their health and performance in exams. Good counselling is very important and is needed to help them overcome what is called 'Exam Fear' and do better in exams with their full potential.

Parents can help their children in guiding them, rather than controlling them, and following simple tips. They should ensure a positive environment at home besides helping the child to balance the activities in the day (as too much of studying is not productive), providing healthy food and snacks during the day, and making sure that the child is able to relax during the day and ensuring proper sleep at night for him and keeping them happy all day. parents need to understand that they also have to sacrifice on outings or parties and be there when their child needs them. Parents should stop comparing their child with other kids and avoid statements which create anxities or fear. Parents must understand that exam is not everything. It is just an event in one's life and not a monster or something to be afraid of.

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