Most important information you must know about education πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

HowΒ to educate my self naturally??

We all have passed our education life by studying hard or reading books very attentively. To remember the answer to a question, we revised the whole answer again and again. But most of us didn't know that ten times reading is equal to 1-time writing, so if you want to remember something, don't read it again and again just write it for 3 or 4 times.

I can assure you that you must remember anything,Β  any paragraphs or compositions by writing them 3 or 4 times writing is the easy way to remember something the answer is:- I can quickly educate myself by writing again and again.

How much I have to read in a day???

For making myself a good student I have to read at least 5 hours in a day is a theory that goes that more I read more I learn. But this is also not true that if I read for many hours, I am an excellent student....systematic study is the key to success. If you study hard systematically, then you are a good student, even a great student. So do not study for a long time without understanding the meaning of your lessons ... consider for a short time by following the teachings is much better.

The capacity of a brain to gather knowledgeΒ 

If you are attentively reading your lessons and trying to understand the high, your mind can go with you for 2-3 hours, that is why students should take breaks during the study. After reading 1hour our mind give up and doesn't want to put more pressure, that is why we should take breaks during the investigation after taking a short break by eating something then our brain can again gather knowledge accurately.otherwise if you don't give us break we can not understand our lessons properly.

During quick break things, we shouldn't do

During the breaks we presented ourselves at the time of our study we shouldn't go out of home or shouldn't touch any kind of electronic devices like mobile phone, laptop, tv, or other gaming devices. For this type of enjoyment, we waste a lot of time doing chatting, gaming, video watching, etc. Moreover, if we again join the study, the thinking of those devices will disturb us during the survey. So we should seriously avoid this type of thing.

Importance of joining the class of school and collegeΒ 

The students who have entered all the types of their school or college never failed in exams so, to make myself a good student.

I have to attend all kinds of my school or college attendance; also, a significant problem why students fail in exams we have to find happiness in our classroom cause participating in class is also the key to success in student life. We all know that student life is a golden time for a human. This is the most crucial time in human life

And also academic studies are not enough for proper education

That is it for today.

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