Most funny Indian jokes part (3)


Looking at the stars, the wife said to her husband - what is it that you can see every day but cannot bring? The husband immediately said- Neighborhood !!!

The world's most innocent faces: 1. Sleeping baby 2. Lending person And 3. Another friend sitting in front of a friend's family! Not having a good face is not a sin, But FB Pay 170 with a monkey-like appearance Tagging with logo ....... Terrorism is like spreading in the country And to write from above, Feeling Love's with angel Priya ... forgive the terrorists ...... history is witness no girl has said this till date "You cut the phone, I put it

Once a Chaudhary went to see a girl for his boy, the girl was too much black, Chaudhary did not like the girl's father at all - Chaudhary sahib go like the girl, he will give the car, Chaudhary said in the dowry - brother you will give the car, If these blackberries come to our house, then in the next generation we will have to give helicopters to marry our girl!

Sir, I am not afraid of slap Nowadays most get scared? WhatsApp New joiners From member…. All OLD messages, video, audio repeats And speaks together quickly forward is new in the market. Now who should explain to him that You are new, brother? We are doing a Ph.D. here.

Selfie fever Nowadays if the Ganges goes to take a bath too ..... So first by taking a photo, you will update the status ..... Bathing @ Ganges ... feeling # holy

Convent School and Government School Let's see what the difference is in children- Children of Convent School in Chididhar- "oh! wow, a monkey is sleeping, don't disturb " Government school children… "How you see Suttal Ba, Mar Dhela Saar !!!

I do not drink and flow When I have swept away, Now tell me that alcohol is harmful or is it ?? I heard a voice from my mother's room "Liquor is forbidden and it is haraajadi and ye rapte khayega haramkhor"

Husband (to wife): Do you not even know how to cook? Is cow dung kept? Wife: Oh my Ram Ji, this person has tested everything…

Husband: Every morning when my eyes open, I pray that God gives everyone a wife like you. Wife cheered: Okay! Husband: Yes, why should I be sad alone?

A neighbor (from a neighbor sitting with him) - I think that I should donate all my property to a monk. Hearing this, the neighboring husband got up and left. His wife said- where are you going now? Neighboring Husband - To become a Mahatma.

Husband: I have been waiting for tea for the last hour. What have you been doing in the balcony for so long? Wife: The neighbor was talking to Missje Sharma. Husband: When he had to talk for so long, why didn't he call him at home .. Wife: I told him, but I don't have time for that quote .. !!!



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