Most Effective Way To Stop Your Irrational Fears

Most Effective Way To Stop Your Irrational Fears

As an Anxiety survivor myself, after 3 years of struggling with it. I figured out one thing that I always do when I feel that my fears are coming back to haunt me. My one and only way to overcome my irrational fears. 

Now, I wanna share this way with you. I hope it works for you as it worked for me.


This is the most effective way to stop your fears. Because, when you're having an Anxiety attack or panicking, your mind and thoughts are only focused on the things that only make you feel more afraid!

(Which in reality most of these things you're afraid of actually don't exist)

So, what are you supposed to do when you're facing these thoughts?
Let me break it down for you. You have an Anxiety, so, your mind is messing with you. Well, how about if you started doing something else rather than just sitting there in fear not knowing what to do but panicking about it? As for myself, when I'm in this state of fear, I don't give it a chance to mess with me!

For example, I start working on a project, I play some music, I grab my phone and call some of my friends and chill outside for a while... etc

Just to clarify, I just wanna say that I don't mean that you should do the same things I do. Of course not, everyone is different and has their own ways of having fun, or keeping their mind busy to be more specific.

Final Words: Your mind is a part of you, so you're the one who's in control. Don't leave a chance to the "Fear Monsters" be in control!

Disclaimer: This advice/method is based on the real-life experience of the author. Therefore, there's no guarantee that this method will work for you. 

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